Friday, August 27, 2010

More Strasburg Propaganda

Ok back to baseball card posting

Sports Propaganda Stephen Strasburg Limited Edition Screen-Print

Here we have another "Cards that Never Were". MLB is selling limited edition Screen Prints of the 2009 U&H Topps Propaganda cards. The Screen-Prints and are printed on Archival Paper. The price is in $67 ($132 framed) plus any other hidden fees not mentioned on the site.

This is the link for Strasburg.

The Phillies Page

Which actually includes a pitcher that is on an active roster in Roy Halladay

There are also Posters of the Prints that run for $24.

Propaganda main page


madding said...

The Future Is Now... on the operating table! heh.

Jim from Downingtown said...

It's gonna suck for all the chumps that shelled out big bucks for Strasburg hype-mania if he doesn't recover from Tommy John surgery. *chuckle*

The Kid said...

These have nothing to do with the Topps cards - same artist but they never had anything to do with Topps. They are $60 on MLB's website (not $67) - not bad for a hand made piece of art.

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