Monday, September 27, 2010

Phungo Challenge - Card Show Edition Results

And the Winner is:

1951 Topps Red Back #45 Andy Seminick

Chris of Vintage Sportscards guessed 1953 Topps and was the closest. Dan picked 1940 Play Ball, and I definitely looked at some of those - but they were all a little out of my price range. Night Owl went with 1956 Topps - I did pick up a bunch of those including a Hall of Famer.

This is my first Phillies 1951 Topps Card. Seminick is the only Phillies player in the Red back portion of the 1951 Set, which means that Team Phungo has completed the Red half of the 1951 Set!! WhooHoo.

This also means that I finally have picked up a Phils card from every Topps Issue. I had a couple of Braves from the 1951 Set, but had not picked up a Phils card till now.

This card was likely also my bargain of the day, as it went for 75 cents and then on top of that the dealer gave me a volume discount as I picked out several 53 and 54 Topps cards off the same table.

Later this week I will post some other highlights from the show. Until then check out the fine show review over at The Phillies Room.

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Jim said...

Very nice - I must have missed that Seminick card! :)

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