Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2014 03 08 Card Show Valley Forge PA: Quarter Box - 1973 Topps #503 Phil Niekro

The Philly Show returned to Valley Forge this weekend and team Phungo was able to pick up a couple of bargains, fun cards and other oddities. I was primarily looking for Phillies, Hall of Famers, and subset checkoffs.

 1973 Topps #503 Phil Niekro

Found this one when I was walking out the door.  Vintage Mid-Number of a Hall of Famer. Phil Niekro picked up 318 career wins. Checking this b-side of this card one finds that going into the 1973 season Phil's hobby was basketball (cartoon) and he had 97 career wins. This card is nowhere near his rookie card but Niekro still had 221 wins in front of him when the card was published.

For 1973 Topps mid-number (397-528) commons 25 cents ain't a bad price - you sometimes find them in dime bins. But for an HoF that's a deal.

I picked up 7 other cards in the quarter bin to fill out a $2 purchase including a few 1971-72T Mid-His, as well as as some 1960T and 1966T commons.

We will have a few more card show postings over the next couple days. More Phils and Vintage on the way.

Phil Niekro Phungo HoF profile
1966 Topps #28 

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