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Tommy Greene No-Hitter Card #2: Stadium Club Members Only

For the middle edition of our Tommy Greene No-Hitter Trilogy we take a look at a special card from the 1991 Topps Stadium Club set.

1991 Topps Stadium Club Members Only Tommy Greene

Little hard to make out in the card photo but at the bottom of the card it states "Members Only". The Phrase refers to the set only issued to TSC Members.

Good Action shot of Tommy Greene here and the Full Bleed is nice, especially for 1991. However Topps stumbled on a pet peeve for me - on Specialty card dedicated to No-Hitters and other milestones it always irks me when the card messes up the Home/Away illusion.

As we know from the no-hitter box featured in our earlier posting, Tommy Greene tossed his gem in Montreal. In the above photo Greene is obviously in the Phillies Home Whites.

1991 Topps Stadium Club Members Only Tommy Greene (b-side)

Topps makes up for that oversight on the back of the card. Yeah my irrational dislike for Fouling up the Uni- Colors is matched by Irrational love of Newsprint themed cards.

Pretty sure I would read the Stadium Club Herald cover to cover if it were published today. 

I am a little disappointed with the portion of the Text that specifies "Seven bases on balls were all Tommy permitted...".

In what world are 7 walks considered trivial! 
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Sunday, May 22, 2016

25 Years Ago: Tommy Greene 1992 Score #426 No-Hit Club

We have reached 25th anniversary of the No-Hitter authored by the Phillies own Tommy Greene. 

1992 Score #426 No-Hit Club Tommy Greene

Greene Shutout the Expos 2-0 in Montreal. The game was Greene's second start of the season and only the 15th of his career. Greene's Catcher Darrin Fletcher was just as inexperienced, playing in only his 27th game.

Tommy Greene had come over to the Phillies in the same deal that brought Dale Murphy to the team less than a year prior. As of May 1992 the 24 year old Greene had still not established himself as a regular starting pitcher. The only reason that Greene even got to face the Expos was because Danny Cox had to skip a start due to an injury.

Box Notes
1992 Score #426 No-Hit Club Tommy Greene (b-side)

Lots of unknowns in the Phillies LineUp of May 23 1991. I vaguely remember Rod Booker and the short-lived Wally Backman era, John Morris rings no bells at all. We also have a John Kruk game with him playing in Left Field.

Among the hitters that Tommy Greene were Hall of Stats member Larry Walker, Andres Galarraga, and Delino DeShields. Greene struck out 10 Expos in the game including Hat Tricks for Galarraga and Marquis Grissom.

Greene's game was not without it's blemishes. He gave up seven walks which led to him facing 33 batters, which I suspect is a pretty high number for a no-hitter.

The opposing pitcher was Oil Can Boyd who had a pretty good game of his own 8 innings, 6 Hits and 1 run.

More Greene
The Tommy Greene No-Hitter gave Phillies fans a few other cards, over the next day or two we will take a quick look at these gems.

 1992 Topps Stadium Club Members Only Tommy Greene

1992 Donruss #94 Tommy Greene No-Hitter Against Expos

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy 70th Birthday Reggie Jackson

On May 18th Reggie Jackson Celebrates his 70th birthday.

2013 Topps Across the Years #ATY-RJ Reggie Jackson 

A few years ago the common insert in A&G was these Across the Years cards that each recognized the birthday of a star player. Nice for a posting regarding a players birthday - Even the cards don't mention the birthday on the card front

Reggie as with any athlete that can be identified by only a single name doesn't need any introduction.

The first ballot Hall of Famer (1993) clouted 563 Home Runs. He was on Four World Series Winners and took home MVP honors in the Fall Classic twice. His regular season accolades include an MVP award in 1973 and four home run titles. He also led the circuit in OPS+ four times including 1969 when he finished first in Offensive WAR with a number of +8.5.

I think he is primarily know for his five years with the Yankees, but he spent twice as much time with the A's. In fact Jackson played 34 more games with the Angels than he did as a Yankee.

One other note on Geography, Reggie Jackson is from Philadelphia. He went to Cheltanham High School just on the edge of the city, yet he is never mentioned in connection with Philly. Never.

All four teams that he played for were in the AL, so Reggie never got to play in Philadelphia. He made 14 all-star teams including every year from 1971-1984 except one, 1976 the year the game was played at the Vet - It was also Jackson's only campaign with the Baltimore Orioles.

2013 Topps Across the Years #ATY-RJ Reggie Jackson (b-side) 

The ATY inserts list a number of other notables that share a birthday with the A-side subject. The other baseball players listed are fellow Haller Brooks Robinson (celebrating birthday number 79) and early 20th century Pirates pitcher Babe Adams (b 1882).

The cards also contain in interesting event from the players date of birth. Appropriate for an Out of the World player Reggie card contains a UFO reference.  A story regarding the UFO sighting can be found here. the Gosta Carlsson on the back of the card is NOT the same person as the Olympic Cyclist.

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Reggie Jackson HoF Index

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Monday, May 16, 2016

2016 Topps Phillies Checklist & Photo Game Dates: Jerad Eickhoff #2

My latest obsession with recent Topps has been combing Getty Images and finding the pictures that are on the cards. Tonight with Jerad Eickhoff scheduled to be on the mound facing the Marlins we have chosen to feature a card with a photo of him taken last year in Miami.

2016 Topps #2 Jerad Eickhoff

Sitting in the #2 spot for 2016 Topps is Jerad Eickhoff. With Mike Trout occupying the leadoff spot Eickhoff is Essentially the first non-star card of the set.

I found the Photo on the card relatively quickly. In 2016 Topps has done a good job of getting shots of rookies during their debut game, which is the case with Jerad. The original photo in Getty Images was taken by Sports Photographer Ronald C Modra who has shot 70 Sports Illustrated Covers.

Eikhoff's debut  on August 21, 2015 was a successful one as the Phillies defeated the Marlins 7-1 in Miami. Eickhoff scattered five hits and a walk over six shutout innings. In addition to recording his first Major League W, Eickhoff collected his first Hit along with a pair of RBIs on a Bases Loaded single off Kendry Flores in the fourth inning.

When the Philllies acquired Jerad Eickhoff from the Rangers as part of the Cole Hamels deal I really didn't expect much from him. In fact I still don't, perhaps due to these low expectations he has been a pleasant surprise.

Getty Got It
I have started keeping track of the cards that I have found on Getty and decided that this post will serve as an Index to the other columns dedicated to game dating cards for 2016 Topps Phillies.

A full Green Line in the chart below signifies Phungo Games, which are games that Team Phungo has been fortunate enough to attend. If the Players Name is highlighted in Red that is a link to the specific posting dealing with the related card.

Card Date Game Result Photographer
2 - Jerad Eickoff 2015 0421 PHL 7 FLA 1 Ronald C Modra
15 - Ryan Howard 2015 0726 PHL 11 CHC 5 Jonathan Daniel
23 - Jeff Francoeur 2015 0802 ATL 6 PHL 2 Mitchell Leff
27 - Alec Asher 2015 0830 SDP 9 PHL 4 Mitchell Leff
68 - Odubel Herrera 2015 0422 FLA 6 PHL 1 Hunter Martin
115 - Aaron Harang 2015 0626 WAS 5 PHL 2 Mitchell Leff
133 - Aaron Nola 2015 0721 TBR 1 PHL 0 Miles Kennedy
157 - Darnell Sweeeney 2015 0902 PHL 4 NYM 9  JIM McIsaac
207 - Maikel Franco 2016 0717 FLA 3 PHL 6 Rob Leiter
237 - Carlos Ruiz 2015 0624 PHL 2 NYY 10  Jim McIsaac
PP-6 - Freddy Galvis 2016 0802 ATL 6 PHL 2 Mitchell Leff
OD - 146 Domonic Brown
133 - Aaron Nola 2015 0721 TBR 1 PHL 0 Miles Kennedy
133 - Aaron Nola SSP 2015 0721 TBR 1 PHL 0 Miles Kennedy
SRA-AN Aaron Nola 2015 0721 TBR 1 PHL 0 Miles Kennedy
Aaron Nola Heritage Real One Auto 2015 0721 TBR 1 PHL 0 Miles Kennedy
#OD-70 Aaron Nola 2015 0721 TBR 1 PHL 0 Miles Kennedy
P-20 Ryan Howard Perspectives 2015 0629 PHL 2 CIN 11 Jamie Sabau
Cole Hamels 2015 0725 PHL 5 CHC 0

If your are interested in game dated cards I suggest you check out the 2014 Topps Blog which has taken a detailed look at a bundle of cards from the set.

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1976 ASG +40: Joe Morgan 1976 Topps #420

This weekend the Phillies open a nine game homestand with a three game set against the Reds. Forty years ago when the All-Star game was held in Philadelphia the Reds sent an entourage of seven players plus manager Sparky Anderson.

1976 Topps #420 Joe Morgan AS

Among the seven was the teams entire infield including future Hall of Famer Joe Morgan. At the time of the 76 All-Star game Morgan may have been at the height of his 22 year career. He was in the middle of his 2nd consecutive MVP season. The Reds won the World Series during both of Morgan's MVP campaigns. The only folks that separated Joe Morgan from winning both of those MVP awards unanimously were his Reds teammates (Pete Rose 2 Votes in 1976 & George Foster 5, 1976).

And from an advanced stats perspective, the Voters were correct, Joe Morgan was a monster. 1976 was the 5th of  six consecutive seasons in which the second baseman would lead the league in Offensive WAR. Four of those years he would lead all Position Players in WAR, during both MVP years he led all players in WAR.

1976 All-Star Game
Morgan started the game along with the rest of the Reds Infield, He went 1 for 3 including a single off of HoF Pitcher Cafish Hunter in the 3rd. Later in the inning he would score on a Home Run by teammate George Foster.

The 1976 All-Star Game was the 7th of 10 trips to the Mid-Summer Classic including 1972 when he was the Games MVP. Morgan started and played all nine innings of that game, He only picked up one hit, but it was an important one. With one out and Nate Colbert at second base Morgan punched a single off of Dave McNally to drive in the game winning run.

1976 Topps #420 Joe Morgan AS (b-side)

Just posting the b-side so you can see Morgan's 1975 MVP Stat line.

For more on this card and a lot of info on his playing career plus a couple of videos check out Project Baseball 1976.

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1976 Topps #420 Joe Morgan AS

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