Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Snapshots: 2014 07 21 Giants 7 @ Phillies 4

The Return of Cliff Lee turned out to be a Meh event in a disappointing season. The Phillies lost to the Giants 7-4 in a game that had a lot of hits but few fireworks. Not much else to add on this one so right to the pix.


Lee's velocity was down and he had trouble finiahing hitters. He did little to enhance his trade value.

Grady Sizemore is the latest veteran the Phillies have added to the roster.

Former Phil Hunter Pence was in town and did some damage with 3 hits including a triple and a couple of RBIs.

There game featured 29 hits, but only one Home Run which was provided by rookie Adam Duvall.

Cliff Lee facing Buster Posey in the 5th inning.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ultimate Frisbee - MLU Championship DC Current 23 Vancouver Nighthawks 17

On Saturday July 19, 2014 the 2nd Major League Ultimate Championship was held at PPL park in Chester PA - home of the MLS Philadelphia Union. 

The contest between the DC Current and Vancouver Nighthawks was largely decided in the first quarter. The Current got off to a quick start taking an 8-2 first quarter lead.  That early six point differential would be equivalent to the final tally as DC won 23-17.

Vancouver mounted a couple of rallies, but I believe the closest the made the contest was 13-9 late in the 3rd quarter.


DC Current - According to the Posted roster that is Connor Maloney with the wave

Vancouver Nighthawks - The West Coast Reps Starting Seven, The right most player is Conference MVP Brendan Wong.

The MLU Trophy - In a move borrowed from the NHL, the trophy is given the glove treatment. Directly behind the trophy bearer is MLU Comissioner Jeff Snader. MLU VP Nic Darling is to the left.

For TV/Streaming Video reasons the crowd was seated to provide a background for game action. Because of this MLU logo was upside down for those of us in attendance at the game. You can see the lower portion of the logo at the bottom of the above shot.

Starters for both Squads pose for photograhers with the MLU trophy. 

Lloyd Blake catches a goal midway through quarter 2. This score put DC up 10-2. I was busy enjoying the game, so I ddin't get many action shots. The ones that I did get were pretty blurry. this Is the best of the bunch. 

MLU Social Media Director, Alexandra Wittchen  sung both the Canadian and American anthems. She did a great job with both. 

Locally the Philadelphia Spinners always do a terrific job with the off field entertainment aspects of ultimate. The MLU championship was no exception. I didn't get the name of the emcee above. I believe he may have been connected with the Seattle Rainmakers Club, part of his job was to lead cheers, toss discs into the crowd and coordinate the non-game portions of the night.

The evenings festivities included a Disc Golf challenge and a Fan Sign competition. The MLU also took time to honor our Military Veterans as well.

There is one embarrassing Snafu on MLU's Part

22 years ago during the 1992 World Series the Atlanta Braves infamously (and accidentally) flew the Canadian Flag upside down. Unfortunately the MLU had their own flag issue on Saturday Night. Old Glory dwarfed it's Canadian counterpart. The smaller flag flapped around the rafter a few times, a staffer had to be assigned to keep it flying.

No Dancers 
The MLU Spinners have come under fire in the past for having a dance squad at games, The MLU championship did not include any form of dance squad or cheerleading unit.

Not sure how much this was connected to the controversy, but I was disappointed with the omission. I have family members that have put a lifetime of effort into dance and I have felt that the Fly Girls respected the artform. 

LA Times

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy Anniversary Bob Gibson 3000 Ks: 1975 Topps #3

Busy here Phungo HQ, but I wanted to put up this quick posting.

Thursday July 17th marks the 40th anniversary of the ngiht Bob Gibson recorded his 3000th Strike out.

 1975 Topps #3 '74 Highlights Bob Gibson Throws 3000th Strikeout 

Topps honored the event with the #3 card of their 1975 Set,

 1975 Topps #3 '74 Highlights Bob Gibson Throws 3000th Strikeout (b-side)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

1969 Topps #507 Cookie Rojas - 1965 All-Star

The first All-Star Game hosted by the Twins was in 1965. The game was held at Metropolitan Stadium. The Phillies Cookie Rojas made the first of his Five All-star appearances in that game.

1969 Topps #507 Cookie Rojas Sources

The NL won the game 6-5, 3 future Hall of Famers Homered for the senior circuit, Willie Stargell, Willie Mays and Joe Torre. The AL got a home run from hometown hero Harmon Killiebrew.

Rojas flew out to centerfield in his only plate appearance.  The NL Squad included two other Phillies, Dick Allen who started and batted cleanup and Johnny Callison who did not play. The team was  piloted by Phillies manager Gene Mauch.

1964 Phillies  
I am adding this post to our 1964 Phillies series. Click on the team link to find some more profiles on the club include the aforementioned Dick Allen and Johnny Callison. 

2014  Phungo All-Star Coverage
Ozzie Virgil
Glenn Wilson
Johnny Callison
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More Cookie 
1969 Topps Blog has a nice career summary on Rojas


Monday, July 14, 2014

1986 Topps #95 Ozzie Virgil - 1985 All-Star

This is our second Installment featuring Phillies that have played in All-Star games hosted by the Minnesota Twins.

1986 Topps #95 Ozzie Virgil 

Ozzie Virgil's trip to the Metrodome was more successful than teammate Glenn Wilson's. Virgil entered the game in the 4th inning as a defensive replacement for starting catcher Terry Kennedy. His lone at-bat came an inning later versus future Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven, Ozzie batted a pair of runners to give the NL a 4-1 Lead in the game which was eventually won 6-1. According to the Baseball-ref the AB was the highest WPA (win probability added) At Bat of the game - The hit increased the NLs victory chances from 64% to 80%

1985 was the first to two all-star games in which Ozzie Virgil played. As a representative of the Braves Virgil made the 1987 squad.

2014 Team Phungo ASG Coverage
Glenn Wilson
Chase Utley


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Night Baseball: Big League Brothers Lee and Carlos May 1977 Topps #633

ESPN is in Baltimore tonight to feature the AL East leading Orioles as they host the New York Yankees.  To honor this match up of division rivals we present a card from teh 1977 Topps Big League Brothers Subset.

1977 Topps #633 Big League Brothers Lee and Carlos May 

Lee May and Carlos May combined to play 28 years of Major League Baseball. The elder brother, Lee, spent most of his career with two clubs the Reds and the Orioles. Carlos is pictured here with the Yankees but spent 9 of his 10 seasons with the White Sox. 

Lee was the more prolific of the brothers logging 354 Home Runs over 18 seasons. His 109 RBI in 1976 led the league. Lee was a three time all-star and a member of two league championship teams - 1970 Reds and 1979 Orioles.

Carlos May had the less stellar career of the two brothers, but things could of ended up differently. On August 11 1969 Carlos was on Marine Reserve duty in California when a Mortar accident occurred. An interesting and scary interview can be read here. The accident cost May part of his thumb. Carlos was able to recover and return to baseball. As noted he had a significant career but only topped his rookie HR output of 18 once over his decade long career.

One would expect a major thumb injury to hinder a hitters performance. In the interview cited above Carlos mentions that it may have actually helped him. The Wilson Sporting Goods Co made him a custom batting glove that May acknowledged helped a lot, but he also believes that the injury forced him to change his approach. Carlos approach at the plate went from being a pull hitter to more of an fields spray hitter.

As of 2011 Lee was working in the Cincinnati Reds PR department. He is a member of both the Reds and Orioles Hall of Fame.

Carlos May is currently the first base coach for the Schaumburg Boomers, A Chicago area minor league team in the unaffiliated Frontier League.

1977 Big League Brothers
The 1997 Topps BLB subset consists of four cards. In addition to the May Brothers there are also the Forsch's, Reushel's, and the Brett's.

SABR Bio Lee May by Eric Aron
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

1987 Topps #97 Glenn Wilson - 1985 All-Star

This year for our All-Star Game coverage we are going to look at Phillies who have played in the other 2 midsummer classics held by this years host, the Minnesota Twins.

In 1985 ASG was held at the Metrodome. The Phillies sent two players to the game, one of which was outfielder Glenn Wilson.

1987 Topps #97 Glenn Wilson

Just prior to the start of the 1984 season Glenn Wilson was acquired by the Phillies in a traded that sent pitcher Willie Hernandez to Detroit.

A year later Wilson found himself facing Hernandez with the bases loaded and 2 outs in the 9th inning of the 1985 All-Star game. Fortunately for the NL the senior circuit was up 6-1 at the time as Hernandez won the battle striking out Wilson. The NL sent in Hall of Fame closer Goose Gossage who came in to shut down the AL in the bottom of the 9th.

For the season in 1985 Wilson battted .275 with 14 Home Runs and a career high 102 RBIs. He remained with the Phillies through the 1987 season. He was sent to Seattle in a trade that returned Phil Bradley

Wilson spent 10 years in the Majors, His four seasons in Philadelphia were the most with any one club. He finished his career with 98 Home Runs, 1098 HIts, and a career .265 average. 

Today Glenn Wilson is an Ordained Minister in his native Texas and along with author Darrel Halk has written his Autobiography "Headed Home


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a thousand words
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