Saturday, October 25, 2014

2015 Hall of Fame Candidate Scott Eyre 2009 Upper Deck #811

Scott Eyre made a nice career out of being a Left Handed relief pitcher. He spent 13 years in the majors, the last two with the Phillies. He was a member of 3 different Pennant Winners including the Phillies 2008 World Championship team as well as the 2009 Phils squad – his final major league action was in Game 6 versus the Yankees. His 24 postseasom appearances is pretty impressive and includes Games 3 and 4 of the 2008 Series, both of which were won by the Phillies. 

2009 Upper Deck #811 Scott Eyre 

Eyre was never a closer (only 4 career saves) but his career took off once he became a reliever full time at age 31. Prior to 2002 His Career ERA was 5.25 (ERA+ 88), from 2003 forward he had a 3.34 ERA (132 ERA+). His career WAR was 7.3, he only exceeded a 2.0 WAR once – 2.3 in 2005, which is also the only year he received an MVP vote, a single 10th place vote.

2002 Giants

Since we are In the middle of a World Series involving the San Francisco Giants, we must note Eyre’s tenure with the Giants which ran from 2002-2005. That 3 year window was the pivot point for his career. He went from being a mediocre swing man to a lefty specialist.
As a member of the 2002 World Series Team and did pitch to a single batter in the 7th inning of the Series’ fateful game 6. The Giants had a 5 run lead with 9 outs to go to Win that series, but It wasn’t going to happen. The Giants gave up 3 runs in the 6th and 3 more in the 7th and lost the game 6-5. Eyre pitched in the 7th and while his batter didn’t plate a run or score himself by failing to retire Adam Kennedy, Eyre may have thrown the bullpen off center for the balance of the game.  

2009 Upper Deck
Like this card because it shows Eyre wearing a 2008 World Series Cap. Eyre is wearing a home jersey, therefore the photo was taken during either game 3 or game 4 of the 08 Series. Which means it was taken 6 years ago on this Upcoming Sunday(25th) or Monday (26th).    

One minor note on 2009 UD, I am not sure why but nobody ever complains about Upper Decks use of foil. Perhaps it is executed better, but I am not sure that is true. The above photo is actually more readable than the scan.  

Phungo HoF Verdict

YES – Member of the 2008 Phillies World Champions, It’s My Vote so I will vote for whomever I want.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

2014 Playoffs: Giants Buster Posey and the Queen of the Indies

Tonight we look at the Giants catcher who some folks have referred to as the Next Derek Jeter

2009 Obak #23 Buster Posey

As we mentioned in a prior posting, the Giants starting 8 during their World Series run has only two recurring regulars Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey.

Posey at age 27 has collected a Rookie of the Year Award, Batting Title, and MVP AND he is also playing in his 3rd World Series.

That is a solid resume for any player even more so at the demanding position of Catcher. Those tidbits are among the facts folks will cite when beginning the Jeter conversation.

2009 Obak
I really enjoyed opening a Hobby Box of 2009 Obak, For the Highlights check this posting.

Obak is an unlicensed product that consists of a mix of minor league prospects, MLB Alums, and historical figures related to the game. The first 31 Cards in the 100 card 2009 base (non-SP) set were dedicated to prospects.

Cards #22 and #23 feature a couple players that made me think there was a film fan at Obak.

2009 Obak #22 Jarrod Parker  
2009 Obak #23 Buster Posey 

Do these two cards make anyone think of a certain Indie Movie Queen?

Think about it.

Ok if you have given up click here

Yes originally I thought this was a wink to the actress Parker Posey. She seems to be involved in a lot of fun projects and I have always been a fan.

2009 Obak #21-29

See there they are in Numerical Order - top row middle and right Parker, Posey right next to each other. Whoever numbered the cards had to be a Paker Posey fan, right?

Unfortunately this doesn't appear to be the case. If you look at the page more closely you will notice allthe players are simply presented in alphabetical order. Indeed card #1 in the set is Pedro Alvarez, The last card in among the Prospects is #31 Brett Wallace.

Side Note: Just want to point out right next to Jarrod Parker we have #21 Mike Moustakas - another participant in the 2014 World Series.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

2014 Playoffs: Royals Salvador Perez

Salvador Perez has had a pretty quiet postseason until last night when he came up with a big two run double in the 6th inning that extended the Royals Game 2 lead to 5-2.

2014 Opening Day Superstar Celebrations #SC-11 Salvador Perez 

This card shows Salvador Perez celebrating a Home Run with Eric Hosmer. Bit of a bummer that Perez is pretty much the B-Player on his own card. The Homer was a sixth inning blast off Justin Verlander in a Divisional matchup versus the Tigers in a game played one September 7 2013. 

2014 Superstar Celebrations
This is kind of a fun insert set that is limited to Opening Day. The set consists of 25 cards - The Phils are not represented, The Royals have 2 cards, the above Perez card and #SC-2 Alex Gordon

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2014 Playoff Cards Giants Pablo Sandoval 2006 Bowman Draft #FG6

Tonight our playoff cards series takes a look at the Giants and their 3rd baseman Pablo Sandoval

2006 Bowman Draft Futures Game Prospects #FG6 Pablo Sandoval (gold chunk)

Last night Sandoval picked up a couple of hits and scored one of the Giants 7 runs while driving in two others.

The Giants have at a lot of success the past few seasons, and have done it with quite a bit of rotating personnel. Their playoff rotation includes only 1 pitcher from the 2010 squad, Madisnon Bumgarner, while their starting 8 in 2014 only includes only Buster Posey and Pablo Sandoval from that first World Championship squad.  Sandoval saw little action in 2010 but rebounded to be the MVP of the 2012 Series. 

The switch-hitting 3rd baseman has been the Giants starter at the hot corner since 2009, although he has lost significant parts of a few seasons to injury. During this years NLDS Sandoval had a major contribution to the Giants 2014 postseason. His big game-tying Double off the Nats Drew Storen that led to the 18 inning Game 2 marathon eventually won by the Giants. 

Gold Chunk
One of the parralles to 2006 Bowman Draft is Gold Chunk, these cards mirror the base card with a gold border rather than black. They are also thicker then the base cards. 

In a previous 2014 Playoff Cards post dedicated to the Pirates Neil Walker we included a short write up on the 2006 Bowman Futures Cards. To read that posting click here and scroll down. 
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2014 Playoffs: Royals Tom Gordon Rated Rookie 1989 Donruss #45

The World Series starts Tonight in Kansas City. During the series we have scheduled a couple of team related postings for the Royals and Giants. Tonight we open with a great Royals card from the past -  Tom "Flash" Gordon

1989 Donruss #45 Tom Gordon Rated Rookie

How great of card is this. The Royals Blue, the great big smile on young Tom Gordon, The Rated Rookie Logo. For me the icing is Gordon's uniform number '36' on the cap.

Tom Gordon spent the first eight years of his career as a Royal, the bulk of that was as a swing man.  He did have 16 starts and an impressive 17 wins (combined starts and relief). It was good enough to place Gordon 2nd in the 1989 Rookie of the year voting behind Gregg Olson (27 Saves, 1.69 ERA)

He didn't become a closer until age 30 (in 1998) when he took over the role for the first time as a member of the Red Sox. He led the league with 46 saves and made his first of 3 all-star teams.

Phillies fans remember Gordon for his three seasons he spent with the club near the end of his career. In 2006 he closed out 34 games for the Phils and made his final all-star team. Gordon was a member of the 2008 World Champion Phillies, but did not pitch after July 5th and was not involved in the postseason. He was part of the 2007 NLDS squad and did get involved in two games versus the Rockies.

1989 Donruss Rated Rookies
Rated Rookies is a 20 card subset of 1989 Donruss that runs from #28-47. Thirteen of the 20 cards are considered Rookie Cards including Tom Gordon above. The most significant RCs of the Rated Rookies are Ken Griffey Jr (#33), Randy Johnson(#42), and Gary Sheffield(#31). Ron Jones (#40) is the Phillies rep in the Rated Rookie 20, The subset also includes 1993 team member David West and Free Agent bust Greg Jeffries.  

2015 Hall of Fame Candidate
Yes Flash is on the 2015 HoF Ballot and as part of our candidates series I will check my Tom Gordon vote as a YES. Some folks may question this vote as Gordon was a good player with a long career, but they haven't factored in my affection for the Steven King Novella "The Girl Who Love Tom Gordon". For his tenure with the Phillies and for being named in a Steven King title Tom Gordon gets one HoF vote from Team Phungo 

Royals in 7. I don't feel either team is great, but I am hoping for a great series.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

HoF Cards: 1981 Topps #206 Record Breaker Mike Schmidt

Wanted to take a break from all of our playoff card postings so we can put up a Phillies Card. This 1981T card is one of the Dimers that I picked up at the Valley Forge show.

1981 Topps #206 Record Breaker Mike Schmidt

This card notes Mike Schmidt breaking the Home Run Record for third baseman. Schmidt hit 48 in 1980 breaking the record previously held by Eddie Mathews who hit 47 in 1953. Schmidt's Record Breaking Homer was hit in the Phillies NL East Clinching game versus the Expos.

At a different recent card show I ran into this:

2014 10 18 Mike Schmidt Home Run Ball from 1980 10 03

This Home Run ball is not the one that Schmidt hit to in the card referenced above. This is a Schmidt HR ball from the previous day when Schmidt hit his 47th homer of the season which tied Eddie Matthews

1981 Topps Record Breakers
The Record Breakers subset has a run of eight cards (201-208) in 1981 Topps. Three of the eight cards are Phillies (Pete Rose & Steve Carlton) and they are 2 other Hall of Famers, Ozzie & Johnn Bench.  

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Steve Poltz, John Kruk and Tony Gwynn at Ardmore Music Hall 2014 10 18

On Saturday Night Folksinger/Punk troubadour Steve Poltz brought his talents to the Ardmore Music Hall. I have seen Poltz roughly a dozen times dating back to the early 90s when he fronted the San Diego rock band the Rugburns.

He always gives a entertaining show and his latest performance did not disappoint.

2014 10 18 Steve Poltz at Ardmore Music Hall

The 54 year old Poltz put together a high energy set which spanned his solo career and even reached back to the Rugburns catalog for "Rub somebody the Right Way" and "Tree Hugger". There were at least three songs from his Mercury album "One Left Shoe" - "Silver Lining", "Impala" and "Everything About You" - Poltz mentioned his songwriting with Jewel a couple of times when referencing songs from this era.

Poltz filled his set with a number of funny stories about his life, career and music. When discussing "Silver Lining" he mentioned that he and John Kruk had become friends after Kruk discovered his name being referenced. Poltz said Krukker is supposed to be joining him in San Diego to go Surfing - imagine that. 

A few years back I got Steve to autograph this: 

1988 Topps #596 John Kruk (signed by Steve Poltz)  

I rank this one right up there with my Hall of Fame autographs. 

Steve is a pretty big baseball fan, he his friends with Giants Third Base Coach and fellow songwriter Tim Flannery and he has been involved in the sausage race hosted by the Milwaukee Brewers. 

Recently Poltz has written a song to honor Padres Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn.

Unfortunately Poltz didn't play the new Gwynn song, but I did get him to vogue with a Gwynn Card.

2014 10 18 Steve Poltz and 2009 UD Goodwin Champions #135 Tony Gwynn

Poltz tour will take him through the Mid-Atlantic and the southeast in the coming weeks. I recommend the show for fans of any type of music (or comedy). For locals he will be doing a 2nd area show - On Wednesday 10//22 he will be upstains at the Wilmington DE location of World Cafe Live Wilmington.  

Hi, I'm Steve Poltz
Tim Flannery

a thousand words

a thousand words
2008 World Champions