Monday, January 15, 2024

Starting9 Series #2 Bell Published!

 We here at Phungo HQ are very happy to announce that we have published the second series of Games for Starting9. 

If you missed it last week #Starting9 is a baseball trivia game that tests your knowledge of baseball using the Starting Lineups from notable games. If you want to find out more click here

If you want to play the new library of 9 mystery games go directly to Starting9 by clicking HERE or scanning this QR code: 

Once you have entered the game click the About button top right to start playing the new games. You may need to finish your current game before the About button becomes available. 

Series Aaron Results 

The following table lists the answers from our first Series of games which were originally Posted on Monday January 8 2024: 

Series Aaron
1Arizona Diamondbacks (1998-present)
2Milwaukee Braves (1953-1965)
3Philadelphia Athletics (1901-1954)
4New York Yankees (1903-present)
5Toronto Blue Jays (1977-present)
6Boston Red Stockings (1871-1875)
7Houston Astros (1962-present)
8Milwaukee Brewers (1969-present)
9Brooklyn Dodgers (1884-1957)

Series Bell UPDATES:

Along with the 9 new mystery games the following updates have been added:

1) Bug Fix: The Splash Screen was producing a non-existent empty lineup. This has been removed, Apologies for the confusion. If your clicking Positions and/or teams and nothing is happening on the Lineup portion of the screen, scroll to the top of the screen and click the Yellow Start button.  Thanks to Dave for noticing this issue. 

2) Added Losing Team Identification. This feature will likely help players, if you select the Losing Team they will be identified atop the Lineup Boxes in RED. Thanks to Nick V for recommending this feature. 

Quick Note - this feature is era specific. If you select Philadelphia Athletics and the answer is Kansas City Athletics, this will not generate the Red indicator for the Losing Team.

3) The position picked most recently will appear in purple. This will become apparent on the 2nd and subsequent positions chosen for a mystery game. This feature will allow users to more quickly identify the players that have just been added to the lineup. 

If you have any issues or suggestions/issues please add them to the #Starting9 documentation page which can be found here

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