Monday, May 5, 2008

Darnell Autry RB (Northwestern/Eagles)

Ed Marinaro

Don Robinson

Lerrin LaGrow

Larry Andersen

So Taguchi

Chad Durbin Scouting website.

Ruben Amaro Sr

Fred Hutchinson

Tim Flannery

Bill Lee

Boom Boom Mancini
1991 Kayo #86 or #186

Jim Bouton

Mike Marshall

Jimmy Piersall "Fear Strikes Out"

Joe Charboneau

Mark Fidrych

Edgar Martinez

DJ Dozier and Tyler Green (Allentown)

Cheering Section
Ben Davis coming back as a pitcher.

So Taguchi

Larry Anderson

Jayson Werth

Hanson Hockey Book - Triumph Books

Ryan Leaf movie

Palestra Movie

Riots in WC for Phillies Championship

PSU Cards


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John Ellis C Indians and Yankees.

Connecticut Sports Foundation Against Cancer

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Where are they now Decinces

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Sports Novelty Foods - Flutie Flakes etc.

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cubs marquee

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Bert Blyleven

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Lindy Mc Daniel 1959 Cards

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Harry Simmons statistician/historian

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master the shift eddie george

a thousand words

a thousand words
2008 World Champions