Saturday, May 2, 2009

Phungo 5 with Sports Locker

2009 05 01 Mets @ Phillies Daniel Murphy Batting v Chan Ho Park (4th inning ?)

This weekend the Phils are hosting the New York Mets for the first time in the 09 season. Our Card blog representin the Stinkin Mets is Sports Locker. Sports Locker covers a lot of sports Memorabilia not just Baseball cards, especially autographed items. SL has collected many an item and auto from the two Mets World Championship teams and the rather successful Dallas Cowboys franchise. I have also enjoyed the book reviews and autograph event info presented at Sports Locker.

Here is the Phungo 5 for Sports Locker:

Would you like to know how good a beer tastes when drunk out of a Commemorative World Series Cup?
ok I didn't really ask this one, but I will just say it tastes good.

1) You have lots of autos and other memorabilia, what is your favorite item featuring an item most folks would not consider a star?
My favorite non sports star autograph is from Billy Mays (yes, the infomercial guy). I did some research, found his address in Florida and sent him a letter and a baseball to sign. I find the whole TV Marketing product world so interesting and he's the biggest star on it.

2) You go out and get a lot of your autos on your own, Do you use official MLB Baseballs?
I use official MLB baseballs - I think the autograph doesn't bleed and fade as much if any. When I buy them, I buy in bulk from Anaconda Sports. They are a ton cheaper than buying them one at a time.

3) How long does Oliver Perez stay in that rotation?

Great question! I was twittering with the NY Post sports writer Sunday night about that. We both believe the situation is looking more like the SF Giants situation with Barry Zito a year ago. Ollie needs to skip a start, head to the pen and work things out.

4) Is F-Mart the Real Deal or the next Lastings Milledge?
My Mets have this long history of over-hyping a prospect (sans Reyes and Wright). To me, FMart seems like Alex Escobar, over hyped and injury prone. I hope that's not the case though. I think the Mets have other OF prospects ranked higher than FMart now, but he's off to a hot start in AAA.

5) Citi Field Logo Thumbs up or down?

The logo sucks. If the Wilpons weren't too busy trying to rebuild the Ebbets Field legacy, perhaps they could find a way to build their own.

Great Phungo 5 for Sports Locker, but we can only give you 4 out 5 - I have elected to ding SL for using the word "twittering" and now I'm corrupting my blog with the term. I barely know how to use a cell phone. plus lets face it, he's a Mets fan and should be happy with 4 out of 5.

Seriously Sports Locker is on my frequent reading list and it was good to get the info on the Phils Rival.

For a look back at the last Phungo 5 featuring Texas Rangers Cards click here. Next week we are planning on featuring Cards on Cards.

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Thanks for the Phungo5 Q&A... I knew I'd lose points on twittering!

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