Friday, November 26, 2010

Phungo Question for Black Friday

We are through the bulk of the year and most of the baseball products have already been released.  Since it is the Big Shopping Day of Black Friday I have the following card shopping related question. 

For the year of 2010 you can make 1 card purchase from each of these types of packaging:

1) Hobby Box
2) Blaster
3) Hobby Pack
4) Retail Pack
5) Random other packaging (Rack Pack, Cereal Box, etc)

And all 5 purchases have to be from different products - for example if you get a Hobby Box of A&G then your blaster has to be from some other product. 

And what would be your reasoning for picking out the different cards and package types.

I doubt many other folks would go this direction, but I think my Hobby Box purchase would be Topps Flagship - I liked the card design and many of the inserts.  I suspect Hobby will go to either A&G or Heritage. 


Spankee said...

I'd have to say:

1)Hobby - A&G, it's just the best deal for a nice looking box of cards.
2)Blaster - Heritage, decent cards that I wouldn't want a hobby box of, but would like to get more than just one pack.
3)Hobby Pack - Bowman, because it's like playing the lottery.
4)Retail Pack - Obak, always a fun pack to open.
5)Random - Topps Chrome Value Pack, Three solid retail packs and three bonus orange refractors. Just one of those products where retail beats the crap out of hobby.

Fuji said...

I usually don't bust packs or boxes... but if I did, here's what I'd get:

1) Hobby Box: 2010 Topps Heritage (I like the 1961 Topps design... and Heritage is one of my favorite sets every year.

2) Blaster: 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter (I actually one of those people who enjoy the non-baseball cards they include in this product).

3) Hobby Pack: 2010 Topps Sterling (I could never afford this stuff, but if I'm only able to grab one pack, it might as well be this stuff).

4) Retail Pack: 2010 Bowman Chrome (Strasburg autograph?)

5) Random other packaging (Rack Pack, Cereal Box, etc): 2010 Topps Holiday Factory Set (Is this cheating since it's a set? I really want those rookie variations).

BA Benny said...

1) Hobby Box ~ A Jumbo Topps Updates box. I need the inserts and you get so many plus 3 hits and plenty of traid bait.

2) Blaster ~ A&G since I didn't buy very much of thay this year.

3) Hobby Pack ~ Topps Finest. I like the product.

4) Retail Pack ~ Bowman Chrome. I haven't bought a single pack yet.

5) Random other packaging (Rack Pack, Cereal Box, etc)~ I would say a Rack Value Pack of the Topps Chrome. I love the orange refractors.

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