Friday, March 11, 2011

Swag from the Daily Dimwit

A few months ago Samuel from The Daily Dimwit saw the January Pull n Junk post that featured a Jason Castro auto as the Team Phungo Pull of the Month.  DD is an Astros fan and we were able to work a trade that involved a couple of autos being swapped plus some additional cards.

I am saving the Autos as possible future Spot the Sig! fodder, but I would like to share a page full of the other cards that Mr Dimwit sent my way.
(click to enlarge)

As you may remember this is the This Day in History set from 2010 Allen & Ginter.  Above you see cards 1 through 9 minus #4 Lance Berkman.

I enjoy most of the common A&G inserts sets.  They are typically a small set (30-75 cards) and fairly common. Samuel was good enough to send almost the entire set my way and I am currently down to the final four cards.

I particularly enjoy this set as it has a history element connected to each players card.  As a nice bonus Chase Utley has the #1 card and is in the top left of the above page.

Thanks again DD and I am looking forward to Opening day when the Phils Host the the Astros!

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The Dimwit said...

Thanks for the trade as well! Glad you've enjoyed the cards! And hopefully this trade will give me a leg up in future spot the sig competitions! HAHA!

Oh, and I predict a Phillies sweep to open the season and it won't be pretty... something like 12-1, 13-0 and 54-0. Our offense and pitching are THAT bad...

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