Monday, April 11, 2011

Borders Books Demise may be your gain

As you likely know Borders Books is going out of business.  I don't know if this sale is going on Nationwide but My local Borders had stuff at 80% off, nothing over $3.  

Most of the stuff was pretty picked over on Sunday, and there were long lines at the checkout. 
One thing you may want to look into is a Trading card price guide.  regardless what you think about the prices in them, I believe they remain a useful tool for looking up cards and sets.  At $3 they are a much better deal then the typical $30ish.  The only one that the local Borders had was the SCD 2010 guide which had cards from 1981 forward.  

Beyond that they did have a fair amount of sports books - not a ton of baseball, but lots of football.  CDs and Movies are also on sale, but you would have to dig pretty deep to find something you like.  Magazines are almost a decent deal at 90% off - If you have never picked up a Baseball America and your a fan, this would be a cheap way to introduce yourself to the magazine.

They were also selling bookshelves and other similar items.  Those were priced according to size maybe $25 and up. 

Locally the Sale ends Tuesday,

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