Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 Topps Heritage NOT Hot Box

As usual, I am a little behind - everybody is checking out Gypsy Queen and I am busting Topps Heritage, but at least I am busting a box from the current year.


I was initially on the fence about building 2011 Topps Heritage - A recent Posting by A Cardboard Problem speculated on the rumour that the Hot Boxes (containing green tint chrome cards) were packaged differently.  At the CSA show in Oaks PA a few weeks back I found one of these Potential Hot Boxes.  In the name of Trading Card Research I was compelled to break the box.

Unfortunately, The Box was not a Hot Box but remained a fun box to open and I am happy to be building 2011 Topps Heritage.  It is the first Topps Baseball Set I have elected to build since 2008 Heritage.  I am pretty sure that at some point I will look into 2009 Goodwin Champions, but right now that project is still in the thinking about stage.

Box Toppers
The Box had two toppers - A 50th anniversary of Don Clendennon and a David Price Baseball Fiver. 
Not sure how I feel about Topps QC on this one, The Clendennon card is in reasonable shape if I was picking it up at a show as a 50 cent common, but this card is in fair shape and horribly cut.
Don't get me wrong the Anniversary cards are my favorite box topper, I just think that at 1 in every other box Topps could do a little better on the buyback end.  I was also hoping for a baseball buck and Price is a nice one to get.

Base Set
Low Numbers 194/425 (45%)
Phillies 7/17 (41%) 0/2 Hi Number
Hi Numbers 8/75 (10%)
Babe Ruth 5/10
checklist 3/6
CCR-JJ - Josh Johnson Clubhouse Collection
#143b - Jackie Robinson Story SP

C12 Batting Leaders (Refractor 212/562) 
C27 Omar Infante (1941/1962)
C35 Casey Blake (1690/1960)

I don't get including the leaders cards in Chrome.  It is only a 100/200 card set why bother with duping a couple of floating heads on a single card.

Baseball Flashbacks
BF-4 Robin Roberts - would of liked him more in a Phils Uni for this one. 
BF-5 Yaz

New Age Performers
NAP-2 Jim Thome
NAP-7 Joey Votto

I love Thome, but I don't think of him as a New Age Performer at this point in his career.  Votto might be my favorite non-Phil young player of the moment.

News Flashbacks
NF-4 JFK/Cuban Embargo
NF-9 Jamaican Indepence

gotta love any card that celebrate Ganga and Reggae Music
Then and Now
TN-5 Mantle & Prince (this is a dupe of a retail I already pulled)
TN-7 Killebrew & Bautista 

every year this is my least favorite insert in heritage - although they are the easiest to make fun of. for example I refer to the Mantle/Fielder card as a celebration of Drunk Vegetarians - which reminds me of every "art student" I knew in college.

Phungo Says
Yes I was disappointed this was not a Hot Box, but I am happy with my decision to build 2011 Heritage.  I remain a fan of heritage,  and have always enjoyed the 1962 Topps set.  For the most part the inserts are interesting and the 50 or so Heritage cards I already picked up had enough unique cards to get me over the half way point in the set.         

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night owl said...

I'd be interested in the Casey Blake chrome, and the Robinson SP -- if you're willing to trade it.

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