Thursday, June 16, 2011

Philly Sports Author Event Tonight - Willow Grove PA

The Willow Grove Barnes and Noble is hosting a Huge Philadelphia Sports author signing tonight.

The authors include:

Glen Macnow, Ray Didinger, Jayson Stark, Sal Paolantonio, Adam Kimelman, Mike Missanelli, Randy Miller, Reuben Frank, Steve Bucci, Paul Kurtz, Matt Leon, Mark Eckel, Merrill Reese and James Andrew Miller

Link to B&N site for more info.

I don't think Team Phungo will make it out but I would recomend any Jayson Stark book and Ray Didinger is in the football HoF for his NFL coverage.  Sal Pal's "Football as America" book has always interested me although I have not gotten around to picking it up yet.  Randy Miller wrote what is considered the definitive Harry Kalas bio.  Merrill Reese is the Eagles play by play guy.

Added:  Bernie Parent - Flyers Ambassador and Hockey Hall of Fame Member will also be part of the festivities.

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