Monday, September 10, 2012

Snapshots 2012 09 09 Yankees 13 @ Orioles 3 (ugh)

Good News - Team Phungo is in the middle of a 3 game week.

Bad News - It got off to a rough start with the Orioles taking it on the chin 13-3 to the division rival New York Yankees.

The Yankees batted around in 2 different innings, I am not going to bother verifying it, but I think every position in their order may have batted w/ the bases loaded at least once.  Curtis Granderson did not enter the game until the 6th innning and still managed come withing a triple of a cycle - recording 5 RBIs in the process. For the day Granderson's battting game score was only outdone by BJ Upton who had 3 homers.

The Orioles pitching staff combine for 190 pitchesZach Britton had a rough outing walking 5 batters while only recording 10 outs. 

Snapshots (click to enlarge)

The new Cal Ripken statue was a popular attraction.   

Must be tough to have a future Hall of Famer batting 9th in your lineup.

Joba Chamberlain vultured a Win and got his 2012 ERA below 8.00.   

Mark Reynolds has en fuego recently, especially v the Yankees.  Sunday, not so much, 0-2 with a pair of Ks.   

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Sporting Statues said...

I'm currently putting together a website cataloging all of the USA’s baseball statues - - as such I was wondering if I could use your photo of the Eddie Murray and Cal Ripken statues? You would of course be credited by the photos.

deal said...

Great Idea - Statues are all yours. I have several others posted throughout.

I think Robin Roberts, Richie Ashburn Harry Kalas and Mike Schmidt can be found going back in time on the blog.

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