Thursday, October 4, 2012

2012 Topps Update Gold HoF Plaques - Mike Schmidt (Looks like a freaky Anime Alien)

Cardboard Connection recenlty posted the faux-relic series of Hall of Fame plaque cards featured in 2012 Topps U&H.  These I think essentially replaced the All-Star Patch cards from years past.  The sole Phillies player on the checker is Mike Schmidt.

2012 Topps Update Hall of Fame Plaques #HOF-MS Mike Schmidt (image swiped from Cardboard Connection)

I spot checked a few of the cards and the headshot/plaque portion of the cards all have a freaky alien/anime appearance on these preview images.

While Schmidt is the only true Phils player a card was issued for, there is also a Cubs card issued of Ryne Sandberg who spent a September callup with the Phils prior to starting the Chicago portion of his HoF career.  Semi-related Sandberg once again got the call from the Phils today as he was promoted to be the third base coach w/ the big club.

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Muhammad Amir said...

Well that was a lot of excitement over nothing, huh? Nobody outside of the long deceased are headed to the Baseball Hall of engraved plaques Fame this year. Enjoy counting those tourist dollars this summer, Cooperstown. Might want to tweak your rules, Hall.

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