Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trendy: 2010 Phungo Cards #12 Homer Bailey

Congrats to Homer Bailey - tossing his 2nd No-Hitter tonight. 

2010 Phungo #12 Homer Bailey

Pix on this Phungo card is from a game way back in July of 2009 when Bailey faced the Phillies. At the time Bailey only had 5 career victories - tonight he recorded number 43, 2 of which are the most recent MLB No-Hitters.

This card is from the 2nd set of Phungo cards, and the photography shows it, that is at least one camera ago, maybe two and my skills have picked up since then. In 2009 I was using MS-Paint to create cards, now I am using the much more advanced Pixlr.

Regardless, back in 2009, Homer Bailey had a very mediocre Major League resume, but I was aware he was a prospect and wanted to see him pitch and I also wanted to get him on a card. Congrats to Mr Bailey and thanks for putting some excitement into the middle of my baseball week.  

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