Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 BA Baseball Prospect Handbook Cover Curse

Yes my Baseball America Prospect Handbook arrived last week. A day later we got the Baseball news that coverboy Miguel Sano would be getting Tommy John surgery. So yes Miquel Sano has become the victim of a cover curse.

2014 Baseball America Prospect Handbook

To be honest, as far as I know, there is no BA cover jinx. Regardless,  I am disappointed to see that we will not get to see Miguel Sano make his big league debut this year.

I pick up the prospect guide every year, much of the info is on-line, but I do enjoy having the book handy while watching a game and a younger player appears in the game.

Currently the Phillies prospects are mediocre at best - kind of similar to the big club. One of the clubs issues the past couple of seasons is that when veterans get injured, there aren't any insurance players at the lower levels. For 2014 BA ranked the Phillies system 22nd of the 30 teams, which I suppose means us Phils fans may not have much to look forward to on the prospect front.

Hopefully for the Phillies there is a surprise prospect out there that will help them get back in playoff form. 

2014 Baseball America Prospect Handbook

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