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50 Years Ago: Johnny Callison All-Star Game Hero

One of the highlights for the 1964 Phillies season was in the 35th Midsummer Classic played on July 7 1964.  

1967 Topps #85 Johnny Callison

Less than three weeks after Jim Bunning tossed a perfect game versus the Mets another Phillies player had a memorable day at Shea Stadium. Johnny Callison came up with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th inning of a tie ballgame. With two men on the left-handed hitter pulled the first pitch into the right field stands. The 3 run homer gave the NL a dramatic 7-4 victory.

The 1964 Phillies SABR collection Year of the Blue Snow has a chapter dedicated to Callison's Home Run in the 1965 ASG. Among the interesting tidbits unearthed by SABR biographer Mel Marmer are that Johnny Callison came into the game as a pinch hitter for the pitcher (Bunning) and expected to be removed. However, Hank Aaron wasn't feeling well and Callison ended up remaining in the game. Callison Also got to face the same pitcher twice, Dick "the Monster" Radatz.  In his first AB Callison flew out to CF Mickey Mantle. In the 9th versus Radatz, Callison felt he needed a lighter bat and used the lumber of future HoF ASG teammate Billy Williams.

Callison's fly out came on a low pitch from Radatz. Apparently it was deep enough to scare "the Monster" and the pitcher threw a High Fastball for his first pitch. Callison folllowed the same thought process, correctly guessing the pitch and location enabling him to connect perfectly.

1967 Topps #85 Johnny Callison #85 (b-side)

Johnny Callison's ASG heroics are the subject of the first cartoon on the flip side of his 1967 Topps Cards

1967 Topps
Last year we discussed Callison's HR during our 2013 ASG coverage - The game was hosted by the Mets for the first time since the Day Callison hit his dinger. Around the same time the card was also profiled by the 1967 Topps Blog

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Love that card. I need to get organized enough to work on my Callison collection.

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Quite possibly my favorite card in that set!

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