Monday, November 10, 2014

2014 Topps #US-280 Cole Gillespie: Error Card?

Anybody run into this in this years Topps Update?

2014 Topps #US-280 Cole Gillespie

 Perfectly fine card of journeyman outfielder Cole Gillespie with a Seattle Mariners jersey and logo on the card. but then flip the card over:
2014 Topps #US-280 Cole Gillespie  (b-side)

Also a fine 2nd side to the card. but check out the top left corner. It lists Gillespie with the Toronto Blue Jays. This is actually correct - Gillespie did finish the season with the Blue Jays after being waived by the Mariners as is mentioned on the cards b-sidel.

Is this basically an Uncorrected Error. Gillespie isn't a prominent player, so can't imagine a corrected version with his photo as a Blue Jay on the front being released

Or has anyone found other cards in 2014 Topps that have the traded to team on one side with the former club repped on the front?

This card reminds me of the 60s variations that would be the same card but some of them would have a Waiver or Trade statement if the player got moved during the off-season.



J. Meeks said...

I hadn't seen that error yet, but 2014 Update is full of them. John Lackey and Bryan Holaday each have their card numbered as "US-117" and Josh Tomlin and Joe Kelly have their cards numbered "US-164." Add in the fact that there are no cards numbered 21 or 311 AND the number is formatted in three different ways, and you have a set full of easily-correctable errors.

hiflew said...

Yeah Topps basically didn't care one bit about Update this year. Three different Colorado Rockies were repeats from Series 2. One of those three (Ryan Wheeler) was waived and sent to the Angels in August. I haven't checked, but I'm sure this is true of several other teams as well. It was just a pathetic effort by Topps.

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