Thursday, October 8, 2015

ALDS: 1990 Score #100T Eric Lindros

Tonight the Philadelphia Flyers open their 2015-16 campaign on the same day that the Toronto Blue Jays play their first Postseason game since Joe Carter hit his home run off of Mitch Williams.

Lot of good and bad in that first sentence but I am posting a card that always puts a smile on my face.

 1990 Score Traded #100T Eric Lindros

Apparently Eric Lindros tryout with the Blue Jays didn't get very far as a quick search of his name in Baseball-ref turned nothing.

Regardless among commons it is a Phungo Favorite. In addtion to the subject there are other fun elements to the card: The 'L' in Lindros is reverse italic and shadowed, giving it the appearance of a hockey stick and  Score's Orange borders foreshadow Lindros' 1992 Acquisition by the Flyers.

1990 Score Traded #100T Eric Lindros (b-side)

Boy do I miss the days when cards had significant copy. In addition to a paragraph mentioning the 2 sport baseball players of the era (Bo Jackson, Deion as well as Hockey/Baseball cross-over Kirk McCaskill)  Score also documents Eric Lindros Pre-NHL draft exploits. Pretty impressive set of numbers on his  Junior/OHL resume.

Go Flyers

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