Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Welcome to the Show RUDY Ruettiger

Trading Card Show that is.

 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter # 238 Rudy Ruettiger

I have never seen the movie "Rudy" in it's entirety, but I probably don't need. Lifelong passions as a Sports and Pop Culture Nerd have probably fed the entire script of the film into my brain stem.

The 1993 movie is based on the story of the undersized Rudy Ruettiger who was a walk on for a single game with the 1975 Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Rudy is one of about a half dozen guests slated for this Saturday December 5th at the Valley Forge Card Show. His signature will command $50 plus an additional $25 for an inscription.

The top Baseball Signers include Hall of Famers Rickey Henderson and Steve Carlton. The Phillies related folks are Charlie Manuel, Jimy Williams, Curt Schilling, Todd Pratt and Milt Thompson.

Hall of Famer Paul Hornung is on the Saturday Slate for Football Fans. Friday's guest is the Flyers John LeClair while Sunday will feature US Women's National Team Soccer Gold Medalist Heather Mitts.

Donovan McNabb was originally on the Weekends Roster but has other obligations in Arizona.

For more information on the show click here.

2011 Allen & Ginter's
Bit of an oddity here but since AnG traditionally only lists the subjects last name we don't get to see Ruettiger signature Name "Rudy" on the front of the card.

Team Phungo
Not sure if I am making this year's show, busy time of year and I should really just organize the cards from the last show I was at back in October. If I do go it will likely be Saturday.

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Tony Burbs said...

I honestly had no idea that Rudy had any cards. I don't know why that would surprise me though.

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