Monday, October 29, 2018

ANNIVERSARY: 10 Years Ago Today the Phillies Win the World Series

Just wanted to post a couple of pictures to remember a great night from a decade ago.

Game Ticket 2008 World Series Game 5. 2008 OCT 27 & 29

 Pat Burrell prior to the last game he would ever play with the Phillies

Harry Kalas on about to perform his final World Series Broadcast.

 Ryan Howard

Jamie Moyer carrying the rubber from the CBP pitchers Mound

 Jimmy Rollins

Don Zimmer

One of my more common avatars

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2008 World Series Game 5 index


Fuji said...

Happy anniversary! Sure do miss Kalas and Zimmer.

Steve F. said...

Nice pics! My son asked me why they didn't arrest Jamie Moyer for stealing the rubber. I told him they probably just deducted the cost from his WS share instead!

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