Wednesday, July 9, 2008

2008 04 07 - Cardinals 2 @ Phils nil - No Offense

Perennial Cy Young Candidate Joel Pineiro tosses a shutout vs Phils Vaunted Offense.

It may be the Phungo Curse. The Phungo team has been to 3 Hamels' games this season and The Phils have been shutout in two of them.

Plus - Game finished in a brisk 2:21. I was actually home shortly after 10.

Minus - Remember y-day note about not scoring in the first 5 frames. Phils now up to (or should I say standing at) 4 runs in those beginning frames through the last 5 games.

It may not be like falling 7 games in 17 days but since the Phils 20-2 outburst v the Cards on Friday the 13th of June, The Mets have picked up 6 games on the Phils.

Shenanigans -
What does a genius like Tony LaRussa do during BP? Carefully examine hitters? No. Run precision field Drills? No. Work on the finer points of the game with a younger player? No. The answer is......The Genius Putts. Yes, during BP Tony LaRussa helped manage his team by golfing baseballs towards the collection bucket at second base.

Meh - got a look at the new all-star jerseys. basically they look like the Yankees away jerseys.

Useless Info
- Phils sell out streak did end at 13. Still a good crowd for a hot Tuesday night.

On Deck - The Futures Game @ Yankee Stadium. Looking forward to the game and the weekend in New York.

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