Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2008 07 13 Diamondbacks @ Phillies - Break Needed

Phils win second series in a row, picking up a couple of good wins both Friday in extra-innings and Sunday by getting some late Herolics from Pat Burrell.

Plus -
Shane Victorino had been pretty quiet before having a good wkend at the plate.

Minus - The 07 version of Adam Eaton has showed up in both the form of Adam Eaton and Brett Myers. Still no run support for Cole Hamels.

Shenanigans - Ryan Howard, first player since Hank Sauer (1948) to lead the league in HRs and RBIs at the break and not get into the Mid-Summer Classic.

BlogBlogBlog - So Taguchi scored winning run on Friday night in a rare bright spot for his rather dismal season. G. W. Miller recently penned this feature story on Taguchi for the local Alt-paper PhillyWeekly.

Around the League - Mets En Fuego - Phils needed the break not just for themselves but also to cool down those suddenly on Fire Mets. Mets gave up a grand total of 1 run v the Rockies this wkend and 4 in their last two series, including 4 stinkin shoutouts. Mike Pelfrey looked pretty sharp on Sunday night. The light may have come on for this youngster - real bad omen for the Phils.

On Deck - Division Rival Florida Marlin. Phils are electing to give Cole Hamels extra rest and have scheduled Jamie Moyer for first game after the break. This means if the Phils don't go with a 4 man rotation for the first couple of weeks after the break that Hamels will not get into the series against the Mets in New York. The Mets are will face the Cincinnati Reds after the break.

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