Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Go Cubs! - John Kruk Mojo

2007 UD Spectrum #56 Derrek Lee
2007 Topps #129 Aramis Ramirez

2001 MLB Showdown #91 Kerry Wood

Yesterday we put the hex on the Mets - Go Nats and check some Nationals Cards. Last I checked they featuring Austin Kearns.

Tonight it's all about hexing the Brew Crew. Although the Brewers may just be unraveling themselves. Of course the Brewers are deadlocked with the Phils in the NL Wildcard race, and hopefully these cards will ward off any Curses, Billy Goats, and Bartman's that affect this series.

Go Cubs!

Of course none of this matters if the Phils take care of their own business. The Phils season is down to the last 12 games, they have won 4 in a row - and I hope that their success continues. And to help, team Phungo presents the Phils Mojo card of the night:

1995 Fleer Ultra Phillies Finest #9 John Kruk

In 1994 Philadelphia based Fleer released a set of cards of Phillies Favorite's John Kruk and Darren Daulton. The set consisted of 10 cards of each player with a Photo on the front and biographical info on the back.
Of course now we can see John Kruk on ESPN's Baseball tonight. Kruk is sometimes insightful, and almost always funny, He will forever be one of my favorite Phillies and I am glad that I can catch him throughout the baseball season. Now go out and get the Phils a win Krukker.

Go Phils! Go Cubs! Go Nats!

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dayf said...

Yeah! Kruk!

Sorry my Braves are giving you guys trouble tonight, I'm rooting for you guys to take out the Mets again. Howard just got a triple, so it looks like the nightly bullpen collapse is finally starting.

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