Monday, September 22, 2008

Goudey Vs Goudey

07 Goudey v 08 Goudey

Actually it is more like Retail vs Hobby. I picked up 3 packs of 07 Goudey out of the Target Bargain Bin and 3 packs of 08 Goudey Hobby at a card show. Previously I had only picked up 1 pack of each product. The 07 Goudey was a bad experience, I was unimpressed with the cards in that first pack, and it appeared to have already been opened - I have avoided that hobby shop since. I chronicled my first 08 Goudey Pack a few weeks ago, it was awesome - read more here.

The 08 will probably have an advantage because it is Hobby over Retail - Lets see what happens.

First three 07 Goudey Packs

19 Brian Roberts
54 Jason Varitek
61 Jimmy Rollins
68 Justin Morneau
75 Mark Mulder
124 Mark Teahan
126 Carlos Guillen
149 Raul Ibanez
150 Joe Crede
173 Konerko
197 Delmon Young

10 Pettitte
27 Chipper
34 Jeter
38 Eric Chavez
62 Joe Mauer
97 Trevor Hoffman
116 Edwin Encarnacion
132 Ramon Hernandez
143 Luis Gonzalez
156 Scott Podsednik
157 David Eckstein
180 Moises Alou
250 Reggie Jackson SP Heads Up
Now the three 08 Goudey Packs

12 Kelly Johnson
13 Tom Glavine
17 Brian Roberts
19 Jim Palmer
36 Fukudome
39 Luis Aparicio
50 Adam Dunn
64 Garrett Atkins
65 Tulowitzki
70 Miguel Cabrera
91 John Lackey
105 Ryan Braun
114 Justin Morneau
123 Chien-Ming Wang
140 Ryan Howard
142 Chase Utley
143 Shane Victorino
149 Jack Wilson
166 Felix Hernandez
169 Raul Ibanez
180 Akinori Iwamura
219 Dave Winfield (SP)
YSL 1540 August 11th 1942: Charlie Keller, Boston Red Sox 3 @ New York Yankees 2
HPC-22 Nolan Ryan Berk Ross Hit Parade of Champions

Card Design
- 2008 - I like the 08s better in general. I prefer the traditional card size, and the sharper color scheme.
Phillies - 2008 - 3 Phils with both Utley and Howard. Easy Win.
Base Cards - 2008 - slight Win for 08, 07 Ramon Hernandez was my one duplicate, and I think I may have 3 of that card now. Liked all of the HOF players in the 08 set.
Inserts/Short Prints - 2007 - Reggie Heads Up beats out Winfield SP and Ryan Berk Ross card. I am not sure what the other Hit Parade of Champions look like, but this one just looks out of place amongst the rest of the Goudeys. The small size makes it feel like a crummy cracker jack prize.
Price - 2007 - $5.06 for 3@ 1.59 each + 6% sales Tax. v 12.00 for 3 08 Goudey @ 4.00 pack

Winner 2008 Despite the price difference, I just like the set better in general. The Three Phillies really put the three 08 packs ahead.

I will be adding some of these to my personal collection, if any of the others are needed by set builders, I am open to offers.

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