Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Card Show - Corcorde Mall, Wilmington, Delaware

Checked out a local card show at the Concorde Mall in Wilmington Delaware. Best part of the show was meeting PTBNL/Patsearcher-Greg, the author of In Search of Pat the Bat. Greg was the winner of the 2009 version of the Spot the Sig! contest and announced that he will be back to defend his title this fall. It was good to meet a fellow Phils collector and blogger. We batted around a couple of collecting and blogging topics, and of course discussed the Phils past and Present. We were also able to take in part of Saturday's Cards v Phils game on TV and got to see Jimmy Rollins' Grand Slam!

Greg is much more in touch with the cards from the years prior to my return to collecting and it was good to get some insight on those sets, inserts, and the all the related parallel variations.

I think we both did pretty well at the show, He was able to pick up a handful of Burrell cards for his want list and was busy filling out some sets he has been building. On my end I found a couple of cards from some set I am building. 1 from 08 Spectrum and 2 form 07 Bowman Heriitage. I found these cards among three dime boxes I searched. Most of the cards I picked up were to build my Phils teams sets from 1980-Present. I also took home my usual boatload of Heritage/Retros, HOFs, and Chromey superstars. I picked out a handful of slightly higher priced cards in the 7/$5 bin and also picked up about a dozen junk autos going for about $2.50 each

Here are some of he Highlights:

(Click To Enlarge)
1972 Topps #38 Carl Yastrzemski In Action
2009 Topps #428 Jamie Moyer Gold #d 1188/2009
1974 Topps #342 Jim Longborg

1970 Topps Scratch Off Juan Marichal

2009 OPC #220 Ryan Howard Black Border
1984 Topps #397 Eddie Murray All-Star

1991 Topps Archive 1953 #318 Curt Simmons

2008 UD Documentary #4233 PHI142 Joe Blanton September 7, 2008 Phils 6 Mets 2

The Yaz, Moyer, Marichal, and Howard cards came out of the insert box. The rest of the cards were out of dime boxes.

Quick Summary: It is always good to get cards of vintage HOFs especially pre-1974. The 72 In Action set is a fun set too. The #d Gold card will be a nice addition to my emerging Jamie Moyer collection. The Longborg was one of many Phillies that I picked up as I try and build the entire Topps run of Phils cards. I didn't have any of the Topps Scratch Off cards. I am not sure if I will be collecting O-Pee-Chee this year but the Black Border was to nice to pass on. Eddie Murray is for the HOF collection. Curt Simmons is an underappreciated Pitcher from Phils past and finally the Documentary will go into the Phungo Games collection.

The Concorde Mall Show consisted of about 20 maybe 25 tables. The few dealers that I talked to felt Saturday was down, but they seemed to think they had done well on Friday Night.

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