Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NL East All Stars

Time to get fired up for the All Star game which is a week away in St Louis.

Baseball is a very parochial sport, we tend to know a lot about our own teams and very little about the other teams except for big stars like Albert Pujols. But we do tend to know a thing or two about our favorite teams division. This got me to thinking - what would the NL East All-Stars look like. Most of these I could pick out without even looking at the numbers and I think they are pretty accurate.

NL East All Stars

RHP Josh Johnson - showing what he can do when healthy, He is keeping the Marlins afloat and is the anchor that makes their young pitching staff dangerous.
LHP Johann Santana - despite some inconsistency is likely the Mets first half MVP.
C Brian McCann - Even with botched Bionic Eyes remains a threat and a Philly Killer
1B Ryan Howard - 20 Homers 60 RBIs
2B Chase Utley - Leads Division in OBP (.426)
SS Hanley Ramirez - By far the best SS in the division (.346 BA)
3B David Wright - Despite power drop, Best of the candidates at a strong position.
LF Raul Ibanez - Best FA signing in the division
CF Carlos Betlran - Dinged up but solid numbers
RF Jayson Werth - This one I had to check - but he's the best this year - definitely a lack of production in the position in the division.
CL Francisco Rodriguez - Mets other MVP

P#3 Javier Vazquez - Really Really impressive numbers other than W/L
P#4 Jamie Moyer - no matter what kind of year he is having he has more wins then Bob Gibson. This would more appropriately go to Jair Jurrjens
Set Rafael Soriano - Honorable Mention Ryan Madson - he was having a great year before getting moved into closer role.

LHB Adam Dunn - Bright Spot in DC
RHB Ryan Zimmerman - Brightest Spot in DC
C#2 Carlos Ruiz (HM - Brian Schneider - Kills the Phils but he is injured this year)
Inf Chipper Jones
OF Shane Victorino

MVP - Chase Utley
Cy Young - Johann Santana

NL Least All-Yuk Stars

RHP Daniel Cabrera - this could also go to Joe Blanton or Rickey Nolasco but both have made significant turnarounds recently
LHP Any Phils left handed starter including Cole Hamels or the Mets Oliver Perez
C anybody in DC
none Everybody in the East is putting up decent years
2B Kelly Johnson
SS Jimmy Rollins
none I cannot dishonor Pedro Feliz here.
LF Daniel Murphy
CF Lastings Milledge and Elijah Dukes (The all overrated spot)
RF Jeff Francouer (although if the Braves would fall out of this thing he'd me a nice bat on the Phils bench)
CL Parade of arms in DC or Brad Lidge

LVP - Jim Bowden - It takes a siginificant amount of effort to put together a team as bad as the Nats.
Cy Yuk - Oliver Perez - could have been Phils Starting Staff but they have been better last couple of weeks.

What do you think? are the NL East All-Stars and Yuk Stars? Are there any other nominees?

Is anyone interested in publishing their own divisions All Stars and Yuk Stars at the break??

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