Monday, October 5, 2009

Phungo 5 Recap

Orioles Retired Number Garden - #5 Brooks Robinson

I just wanted to review the Phungo 5 scores from throughout the season. Thanks to everyone for participating. I hit up almost every team that the Phils played at least once, and hit some teams several teams (like the Braves).

It was fun and informative - I plan on bringing the feature back next season. I thought about a playoff edition but it is looking busy here in Phungoville right now.

Cardboard Junkie - Braves 5/5
Tulo Trader - Rockies 5/5
Trader Crack's - Braves 4/5
Padrographs - Padres 5/5
Thorzul Will Rule - Brewers 5/5
Wax Heaven - Marlins 5/5
Texas Rangers Cards - Rangers 5/5
Sports Locker - Mets 4/5
Cards on Cards - Cardinals 5/5
Nachos Grande - Reds 5/5
Thoughts and Sox - Red Sox - 5/5
Blue Jays Cards - Blue Jays 3/5
Fielder's Choice - Rays 5/5

Sadly several of these blogs have retired or gone on hiatus since their Phungo 5s ran. Hopefully new bloggers will step in to fill the vacated spots.

There were a couple of bloggers I asked to prognosticate about various events involved in their series and their Phungo 5 scores had been left open till now...

Waxaholic - Braves 3/5 - I had two Qs for Waxaholic, he correctly guessed that Chipper would not homer but in a Hockey related Question Waxaholic picked the Caps to defeat the Penguins. Alas, Sidney Crosby and the Pens defeated the Capitals and eventually went on to win the Stanley Cup.

Night Owl Cards - Dodgers 5/5 - I asked Greg to name some players of the game and blobs for the Series, he struck out on the tough blobs, but he nailed down Randy Wolf as one of his Player of the Game selections. Wolf pitched a quality start in the middle game of the series and earned a win for the Dodgers.

A Cardboard Problem - Yankees - 5/5 - Sooz correctly surmised that the Phils and Yanks would go over the 10.5 Homers mark that I set as the combined barometer for the early season series. Sooz commented that I should give her the the over after game 1 in which the two teams combined for 7 dingers.

Outside of one of the Camden Yards gates in there is an area where the Orioles have saluted their players with retired numbers. Each of the players is represented by a statue of their number. The photo above is of HOF 3rd Baseman Brooks Robinson's number 5. Recently Cal Ripken Jr's number 8 was stolen. The statue was quickly recovered.

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The Phungo 5 was very cool. Thanks for doing it.

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