Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Phungo Prediction

2009 10 29 Citizen's Bank Ballpark, Philadelphia PA (click to enlarge)

This photo likely looks familiar to all the Phungo Readers out there (and hello to both of you!!) because it is the one that I have edited up and used as an avatar. The picture was taken 1 year ago tomorrow following the conclusion of the 08 World Series.

One year ago today, October 28th, was the waiting day. The Phils and Rays were tied 2-2 going into the bottom of the 6th inning - for nearly 48 hours. It was odd and surreal then and remains that way today.

Prior to the 2008 Series I predicted the Phillies in 5 largely based on two non-baseball reasons 1) Dave over at Fielder's Choice had predicted the Rays in 4 - a critical error in his thinking was dismissing Phungo Favorite Jamie Moyer. and 2) I had tickets to game 5.

That was it.

This year my prediction is based on even less critical thinking. I am picking the Phils in 5 solely because that is the prediction I laid out last year and it worked - beyond that, Never bet against a streak.

Everyone enjoy the series and may we see the Phanatic waving a Giant Red Banner on Monday Night!

Go Phils!


capewood said...

One of your readers checking it. I like the prediction but I think it will be Philly in 7. And it will be a nerve-wracking time.

night owl said...

Boy, I hope you're right.

Jim said...

I'm with you (and J. Roll) - Phils in 5!

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