Saturday, January 16, 2010

Swag from Project 62!!!

1961 Fleer #81 Dazzy Vance

Recently Project 62 ran a contest which involved guessing the results of various vintage cards which were sent in for grading. I have never sent a card in for grading, but have read enough blog entries to understand that the process is somewhat of a crapshoot.

I was fortunate enough to guess close enough to the grades on the cards to be declared the winner. I spoke with the Mr Project 62 and we decided to expand the contest bounty into a trade and the loot from that trade arrived at Phungo Headquarters Yesterday.

The Dazzy Vance card above was included in the package. I have only recently begun looking to add vintage fleer cads to my collection and the Vance card is my first card from the 61 set.

Project 62 was also good enough to send over seven 1959 cards including 3 of the scarcer High Numbers.

(click to enlarge)
1959 Topps #288 Dutch Dotterer
1959 Topps #542 Jim Perry RC
1959 Topps #546 Al Schroll

I have been building the 1959 topps Set since the fall of 2007 and it has been a fun process. The 59s that I collect via trades w/ other bloggers have been the best though. So far I have picked up cards from Project 62, Night Owl, and Beardy. There was also a non-blogging reader who contributed several cards and several months ago while perusing dime boxes at a card show, I struck up a conversation with a local collector who happened to also be building 1959 topps and we were able to help each other out considerably.

A couple of 58 Topps and 62 Topps helped to fill out my Phillies Vintage collection along with this fine blue Cole Hamels Refractor.

(click to enlarge)
1958 Topps #460 Chuck Essegian

2009 Topps Chrome Refractor #169 Cole Hamels (#d 106/199)
1962 Topps #434 Clay Dalrymple

Big time thanks to Chris over at Project 62 for running the contest and bearing with me through the trading process. I hope that the dozen or so 1962 Topps cards I sent his way will help him with Project 62.

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