Thursday, September 8, 2011

KHL plane crash

As you likely know yesterday there was a plane crash in Russia that killed dozens of passengers including what is believed to be the bulk of the Lokmotiv Team of the Russian KHL Hockey League.

Among the dead is 80s era Philadelphia Flyer Brad McCrimmon - I didn't discover Hockey until the early 90s when I moved to the Philadelphia area, so McCrimmon is before my time - He was on a couple of Flyers teams that went to the Finals and He won a cup with the Calgary Flames. 

Hockey like any sports fraternity  is not that large of a community and I am sure that many people who are involved in the sport at it's highest level are familiar with someone whose life was taken in the crash.  Our sympathies and condolsences to all involved.


Last year while in Moscow, I was able to attend a KHL game - For some background on Hockey in Russia and a game report click here.  It is a much more upbeat post this one. 

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