Friday, September 16, 2011

Phiadelphia Sports and Memorablia Show returns September 23rd - 25th

The Fall edition of the Philly Show returns to the Valley Forge Convention Center next weekend - September 23-25th.  Unfortunately events have conspired against Team Phungo this year and I will not be makeing the show.

I am a bit amazed that we are just over a week away from the event and the Philly Show website has not been updated with autograph guest info.  The show is run by Hunt Auctions who one would think would be responsible enough to try and get info out to their site in a timely manner - I would have to think the vendors for the show cannot be happy with Hunt's lack of advertising. 

They did send out post cards via snail mail that have event info though. 

1993 Topps #371 Mariano Duncan (image stolen from Baseball Card Database)

Saturday 9/24 is the Baseball Auto Day featuring HOFs Bill Mazeroski and Pat Gillick.  Phillies Alums scheduled include Mariano Duncan (93 NL Champion Phils), Dickie Thon, Tommy Herr, Tony Taylor, Jay Johnstone, and Ollie Brown.  WBC Heavyweight Champion (1978-83) Larry Holmes and Internation Boxing HoF member Larry Holmes is also scheduled for Saturday. 

Curiosly Sunday is Hoop Day - I say curiosly because there appears to be a chance that a large chunck of the NBA season may be lost.  Scheduled guests include Moses Malone, Bobby Jones, Artis Gilmore and Dr J. 
No Pricing information was given for the autos at the show.  

NOTE - at every recent Philly Show there has been at least one noteworthy autograph cancellation

Show admission is $8/day ($21 for weekend pass).  The cards mailed by Hunt are good for $1 off, typically local papers will have a similar coupon in the Friday and Sunday sports sections the weekend pior and of the show - of course the paper will cost you at least that much to buy.

If you can't make the Philly Show, don't fret, Collectors Showcase will be running a show the weekend of 11/11 in Oaks. 

In my opinion the CSA show is better then the Hunt Auctions show in Valley Forge, Admission is Cheaper, There seems to be a comparable variety of dealers, Autograph guests were decent with better options for the complimentry auto - Plus you can purchase beer at the convention center in Oaks!

One last card show note, the local card show this weekend is at the Concorde Mall in Wilmington Delaware - I don't see squeezing this weekend in, but I may trek down there on Sunday for a look around.

For general card show info click here

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