Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jumping on the John Henry Bandwagon

Jumping on the John Henry Bandwagon here.

I am farily sure Triple Threads is out of my price range and I will leave the debate on the product contents up to folks that have that kind of scratch.  

I would like to mention that, I am not sure if John Henry is considered a character of Public Domain - so Topps may have had to get permission from someone to produce cards with his "likeness".  Therefore in some way the cards are limited and somewhat unique.  For instance I probably cannot produce John Henry Phungo Cards and Sell them (but if you offered me $ to make them I may create them anyway)
That being said if I am paying a hundred dollars for a product with a X number of hits and one of them is the JH card, I would initially be disappointed until I found how I could sucker somebody into paying $500 for it on eBay.  Ok maybe I won't leave the debate up to the heavy hitters - I will put the Phungo 2 cents in.
At any rate if Topps needs some ideas here are some Other Relics they may want to consider that are at least baseball related:

A Bat Relic from Crash Davis' History Record breaking Home Run. 

A corn kernel from the Field of Dreams

A Jobu VooDoo Doll Relic from Indians curve ball challenged Slugger Pedro Cerrano - or a coke spoon from Rick Vaughn.

Jacket Relic from Umpire Frank Drebin

Beer can Relic from Coach Morris Buttermaker 

A piece of the Bat which Mighty Casey was using when he struck out.

A Springfield Isotopes Hat Relic from Homer Simpson Pinch Hitting Appearnce for Darryl Strawberry.

A baseball made from the horsehide of the thoroughbred John Henry. 

2011 Faux Topps Finest #BS-JH #d 2/5 John Henry Horse Hide Relic

Ok technically John Henry is a real horse and baseballs are no longer made of horsehide - but that would make that relic all the more real.


Haven't posted much recently been busy and on the road etc.  Was at Oktoberfest in Munich - if anyone is interested in a travelblog, post a comment and I will put one together - not much sports related stuff, but lots o beer drinking.

Hopefully getting back to posting will help to right the Phillies playoff ship as well.

Go Phightins!!!

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Reivax said...

I'd go $100 for a piece of Buttermakers beer can :)

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