Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Swag from Nachos Grande

A few weeks back Nachos Grande was soliciting offers for a few cards he had in his trade stack one of those was the Robin Roberts Legends SP from 2011 Topps.  I had the perfect card to trade for RR, that was the Johnny Bench Legends card from basically the same set (Topps 1 v Topps 2 for Roberts).  
2011 Topps #460 Robin Roberts SP (Legends Variation)
I pulled the Bench card from a retail pack a few months back and the swap of hall of famers made logical sense.  
At first I thought this was an image from Roberts 1957 Topps Card 
2011 Topps #460 Robin Roberts SP (Legends Variation)
1957 Topps #15 Robin Roberts 

While the pose looks similar it appears as if the background is different and it is hard to tell if Roberts is possibly wearing a road uni on the vintage card.  
But then I came across the Robin Roberts 1952 Bowman card which may be based on the photo used on the 2011 Topps Legends card.  
1952 Bowman #4 Robin Roberts
2011 Topps #460 Robin Roberts SP (Legends Variation) 
Despite the differences in angle there are some similarities to the buildings beyond Roberts Throwing shoulder. 
In addition to the Legends SP Chris also sent a few other Phillies cards including a couple of Aces from this years Lineage set. 
2011 Topps Lineage #121 Roy Halladay
2011 Topps Lineage #102 Cole Hamels
Thanks to Chris - who has to be one of the most active traders among us many card bloggers.  I have finally gotten his package together and it will hopefully be in the mail someday on Wednesday. 

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