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Philly Show in Valley Forge this weekend 12/7 - 12/9 HoFs and Terry Mulholland

The PhillyShow returns to the Valley Forge Convention Center (and now casino) this weekend.  Show is FSS 12/7 - 12/9 with $8 admiission per day ($1 off coupons are in local papers)   
It may be December but this show will defintely have a baseball focus for autograph hounds. MAB has dubbed the show "A Celebration of Lefty's Magical Season".  This is a nod to Steve Carlton's historic 1972 Campaign in which he won 27 games en route to his first of four Cy Young awards.  Carlton will be flanked by several Phils Pasts and Present as well as other oFs including John Kruk, Darren Daulton, Tim McCarver, Tommy Greene, Dave Winfield, Frank Robinson, and Pete Rose.
Phungo covered Carlton in this post a few weeks back.  Today I would like to take a look at a different Phillies Left-hander who pitched for the team during another magical season 1993. Terry Mulholland will be one of the other signers in town over the weekend.
1990 Topps #657 Terry Mulholland (pix stolen from Baseball Card Database)
Mulholland will be remembered for a couple of things in Philadelphia. Just about anybody associated with the 1993 Phillies will be forever remembered fondly.  They were the Oasis between 80 and 08.  The one brief moment when Philadelphia was the misfit center of baseball - at the time we didn't know how misfit.  Regardless they were loved and remain so.
There was another big moment of personal glory beyond 1993 for Terry Mullholland - on August 15 1990 Terry Mulholland through a No-Hitter versus the San Francisco Giants. The only baserunner he allowed was on a Charlie Hayes error. That runner was erased via double play.  Hayes redeemed himself by spearing a line drive for the games final out.  Mulholland faced the minimum 27 batters.
Amazingly Mulholland's career lasted 2 decades! Pretty good for a player that many would look upon as mediocre. He extended is career by becoming a lefty bullpen specialist. Long after he left Philadelphia I followed his career in it's many stops (Atlanta, Arizona, Twins, Pittsburgh back to the Giants etc). Part of the reason he could stick as a lefty was because he had developed the Step Off Pick Off move.  It is currently used throughout baseball. 20 years ago Lefthanders always had remained on the rubber then stepped to first - risking a balk call - when attempting to hold a runner.  Mullholland just took his Left foot offf the rubber and through to first without stepping to the bag at all.
1993 Phil, No-Hitter, Developed a Pick Off Move.  Nice resume for one guy. 
1990 Topps
We don't talk about 90 Topps much here with good reason.  I think it is the worst design in the Topps canon.  However, I did like two things about this card - first it features Mulholland in a Phillis uniform and in a decent action shot. and...
1990 Topps #657 Terry Mulholland (b-side)
Check out the 2nd sentence in the Mulholland Phun Phact.  That is what makes this common card a Phun Card.   
Terry Mullholland is scheduled to be one of the Saturday Signers - $30/auto.   There appears to be no complimentry autograph at this years show. 

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