Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2013 Phungo Cards: Ichiro

It came up recently over at Twitter that Topps hasn't put out a 2013 Ichiro Card.  Well they are just slackers!

2013 Topps #70 Ichiro

Last year we took a baseball excursion out to Seattle and I took about 2 dozen pix of Ichiro.  Of course he gets traded before I got a chance to put him on a Mariners card.  Fortunately the Yankees come to Baltimore 10 times a year so I was able to catch the likely HoF there.

Good Shot - little bit washed out on a sunny day when the Bronx Bombers scored about 20 runs.  I would have liked to get the ball in the pix, but if I would have framed it that way Ichiro would have been pretty tiny.

Get with it Topps - Phungo has a 2013 Ichiro card - why not you?


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