Monday, March 4, 2013

Junk of the Month: February 2013

In many ways this is a perfectly fine card. And no, I don't have anything against Josh Reddick or the Oakland A's.  To be honest this is a great photo of one of baseball's young stars.

2013 Topps #316 Josh Reddick

So what makes this card a junk of the month winner?

Topps annoying variation  card system.

2013 Topps includes a stealth insert of "Out of Bounds" Variations.  This is a 25 card subset featuring pix of players making catches along the walls of the stadiums.  This is all fine, and the above Reddick cards appears as if it could be one of these cards.

But it isn't!!!

This is Reddick's base card!

To check which cards are variations and which are the OOB variations one has to check a serial number on rear of the card. The variations have a serial # that ends in 3020 while the base end in 2820.

That is where my issue with all the goofiness in recent Topps.

The player on the front of the card should matter more then some dopey serial number on the back of the card.  

Source: BaseballCard-pedia

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