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1989 UD #338 Mike Maddux

Five days after the Phillies won the 2008 World Series, the Texas Rangers named Mike Maddux their pitching coach. He has held the position since. The Rangers have posted sub 4.00 ERAs each of the five seasons they have been under Maddux's tutelage. During 2013 the staffs 3.62 ERA and 1309 strike outs were both good enough to rank 4th in the AL.

1989 UD #338 Mike Maddux

Mike Maddux's MLB playing career began with the Phillies in 1986. He spent four years with the local 9 before being released. Maddux hung on for another decade bouncing around with 9 different teams before retiring in in 2000.  His best years were a pair of seasons with the Padres in 1991-92 and he reached the playoffs as a member of the 1995 Red Sox.

Maddux is, of course, the older brother of Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux. As a coach for the Rangers Mike Maddux were #31, the same number the Greg wore while playing for the Cubs and Braves.

1989 Upper Deck
Maddux is one of 29 Phillies players in the inaugural UD release. 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the historic set. One of the cool features of 89UD was the 2nd photo on the back

1989 UD #338 Mike Maddux (b-side)

This is a fine example of good use of the flip side photo. There is something interesting about the shot, looks to be the bullpen in the old vet. Maddux's hand is close to the camera. The landscape format fits the player nicely.

I don't have a big UD collection but we will try and focus on the set a bit throughout the year. The Phils that are in the set are listed here:

11 Ron Jones
31 Kevin Gross
33 Jeff Calhoun
35 Ricky Jordan RC*
207 Kent Tekulve
219 Steve Jeltz
229 Phil Bradley
240 Lance Parrish
246 Von Hayes
317 Milt Thompson
319 Bruce Ruffin
336 Juan Samuel
338 Mike Maddux
340 Bob Dernier
406 Mike Schmidt
409 Don Carman
427 Shane Rawley
430 Jackie Gutierrez
448 Darren Daulton
511 Steve Bedrosian
513 Chris James
515 David Palmer
532 John Russell
534 Greg Gross
684 Mike Schmidt TC
704 Dickie Thon
720 Tommy Herr
730 Floyd Youmans
741 Jeff Parrett

Texas Rangers

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