Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ulimate Frisbee - Rochester Dragons @ Philadelphia Phoenix

The 2014 home opener for the AUDL Philadelphia Phoenix did not go as well as the team had hoped. The Rochester Dragons won a tough battle 13-10 on a gusty day at Phoenixville High School. (Click Any Pix to enlarge)

2014 04 19 AUDL Rochester Dragons @ Philadelphia Phoenix at Phoenixville High School (click on pix to enlarge)

I hadn't been to an AUDL game since their opening season two years ago. It would good to see that they still put on a good show, playing on good fields with solid facilities.  The game was well played and officiated, although there was a fair amount of away from the disc contact. This is an issue that professional ultimate is dealing with in both the AUDL and MLU camps.

23 goals is a relatively low total for professional ultimate. I enjoyed the game being played at the lower score - each goal and turnover definitely meant more then they have in higher scoring games. The day was pretty windy at points, making goals scored upwind all the more precious and the difference in the close contest.

The Phoenix trailed by 2-3 goals from the 2nd quarter till the start of the final frame when they fought back to tie the score at 9. At that point the Dragons took over scoring 3 of the last four points.

 Coach Steve Leinert working his first game at the helm of the Philadelphia Phoenix

I am not to familiar with the roster of the Phoenix but do to the fine coif, I believe this is Chris Schulze going after the disc

According to the Philadelphia roster this is Schuyler Redding on an in cut

Open receiver for the Phoenix

There were a few just misses for the Phoenix as well. Had a few of these tough passes been converted the tight game may have had a different outcome.

Rochester Dragons Defense
This is a pretty good shot of the Dragons defending their goal. There are five Phoenix in the shot and none of them are open.

Dragons on Offense

Rochester executing an offensive zone pass. I think this one was just completed in front of a diving Phoenix defender.

Contested Goals

I don't recall the outcome of either of these goal line tips, but with the wind a lot of discs hung in the air, especially going toward the Left (northwest) end of the field where the gusts were originating. 

Fan friendly
The game wasn't the end of the entertainment for the fans. There was a egg hunt for the kids, and a Bunny Hop competition with the winners awarded a PADA membership. 

Local artisan chefs from  Waffatopia were on hand with samples of their decadent Waffles. Team Phungo picked up on of the Bacon Syrup variety, it made for a sweet and savory start to our Sunday and paired well with a morning cup of coffee.

Just one quick comment on the AUDL - Hey Dragons, how about getting some bios and headshots on your website.

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