Sunday, February 21, 2016

2016 Topps First Pack!

Earlier this week I got a Text from Lady Phungo – and it was one that I was excited to get.

Of course I meant “On the Box”. Regardless, that is how I FINALLY got my first cards of 2016.  She picked up a Blaster – Note the boxes don’t say “Bryce Harper” anywhere on the packaging. But as she noted the guy on the box “had a Nationals Cap on and looks like a Jerk” so she figured that was close enough.

And The first card of the year is….

2016 Topps #51 Dustin Garneau

I now know a lot more about Dustin than I did 24 hours ago. Last year he debuted as a 27 year old rookie catcher. Played 22 games and hit a pair of home runs including a 3 run shot in the 7th inning of a 0-0 game versus Seattle, September 11 2015. The Rockies held on to win the contest 4-2.

Other than that I can tell you Mr Garneau went to Baseball Powerhouse Cal-State Fullerton and is from Torrance – anytime I hear that somebody is from Torrance I think of Burt Reynolds greeting Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights.

I like the look of 2016 Topps a little better than I do on-line. I had concerns about to many tight shots and a lack of variety in the Photos. After opening a blaster full of cards I have less reservations about 2016 Topps. There are some fun pictures and not all the pitcher cards look alike etc. Take the Dustin Garneau Shot above. I mean, it would be stretching it to call this an action shot by 2016 standards, but I do feel as though we are dealing with a picture that may not tell a story, but speaks at a minimum. It captures one of those thousands of moments where you see a catcher acting as a field captain despite the fact that he is only a rookie who didn’t make it to the bigs until he was 27.

It also makes me smile to see that a catcher is on Card #51. The number worn by the Phillies own catcher on their 2008 World Series squad. 

2016 Topps # Twins Team
2016 Topps # Coco Crisp

For those of you that track collation I drew the Coco Crisp card prior to the Twins Team card but reversed the cards here because I like to position cards with the action moving towards the center.

When Topps first went the highlight direction on Team Cards a few years ago I wasn’t excited about it, but this year had turned me around. The Twins card shows an exciting walk off moment that looks like it could have been part of the Perspectives Insert if there was a bigger star involved.

The most important think I can say about the Coco Crisp is that this card isn’t as memorable as Topps 2014T offering.

2016 Topps # Twins Team
2016 Topps # Coco Crisp

That 2014T Crisp is Cardboard HOF worthy. If you have a chance to check out 2014 Topps take a peek at the A's cards, there are a couple of fun photos in that team set, However there is a LOT of YELLOW.


2016 Topps Pressed Into Service Garrett Jones
2016 Topps MLB Debut Matt Harvey

Once again for the collation purists the Jones card preceded the Harvey Debut in 2016T Pack 1.

MLB Debut is the retail only insert for 2016 Topps. Only complaint on this specific card is that it is of a Met.

Mixed feelings on Pressed Into Service. I like the idea, however, Three of the cards are Yankees, two Rangers – this means half the sets cards are devoted to two teams.

Josh Hamilton
John Lamb
Denard Span
Jaff Marisnick

I am kind of tired of hearing stuff about Josh Hamilton.

Apparently John Lamb had some sort of off-season surgery (is getting a Tattoo considered Surgery?) that the Reds were keeping hush-hush. Other than that this is another RC logo card of a player I know nothing about.

I believe that Denard Span is the only base card in the pack where the team is misrepresented – Span is on the San Francisco Giants roster now.

Good to see the Astros getting cards after a few years in baseball purgatory. They even have exciting semi-stars like Marisnick that are making contributions. Maybe it is just me but I find a lot of Bright orange on a card garish when the team stinks. Now that the Astros are on the upswing I find that same brightness exciting.

These four cards are all fine photos, but they do sort of fall under the standard shot for hitters and pitchers umbrella that I fear, although I do like the Span shot.

Last Card First Pack

Heartbreaking Cards posted a video of Keith Olbermann opening his first pack of 2016 and he mentioned that other the top card of the pack the 2nd most important card is the bottom card. I suspect that this is because you get a glimpse of that card when you rip open the pack anyway. Well that card in my Pack 1 happened to be Former Oriole and current brave Nick Markakis.

2016 Topps Nick Markakis

Well that is a step up from card one from the pack. Markakis is coming off a down year, but I am pretty sure that is still the best card in the pack. 

Here are links to past years first cards/packs. 
2015 Bryce Brent
2014 Matt Davidson
2013 Brian McCann
2012 Mariano Rivera

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Adam Sanders said...

Lamb had a procedure on his back done. I think it was a herniated disc. Regardless, he's one of the better young pitchers the Reds have.

night owl said...

I'm going to remember the "Had a National cap on and looks like a jerk" every time I see Harper bat this year. That's a dead-on description.

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