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2016 Topps first Phillies Card: #237 Carlos Ruiz

There are two Phillies on the current roster that were on the 2008 World Series Championship team Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz.

2016 Topps #237 Carlos Ruiz

The first Phillies Card we pulled from 2016T was this nice looking one of Carlos Ruiz. The emphasis on action shots has been great for catchers. In a run of pitching and batting photos the pictures of catchers often stand out - and this one is not an exception.

In fact this may end up being the best catcher card in 2016T S1. There are bigger catchers like Buster Posey but I will take this shot over any I have seen. 

Guess What Day it Is

One issue I have with the tight shots in recent Topps is it makes it hard to play “Guess the Game”. Many of the pictures give so few clues as to the location that they could be anywhere, a ballgame, a studio, or on Mars.

However, we now have access to Getty Images!

For me scouring Getty for the matching picture isn’t as much fun as identifying an opposing player in the background and cross-referencing their game dates to figure out the exact moment a photo was snapped. Regardless after a little searching we were able to find the matching image on Getty. The Photo of Ruiz was taken during a Phillies Yankees contest on June 24, 2015. It was a 10-2 Phillies loss which was typical of last years squad. Ruiz caught Cole Hamels that day and went 0-4.

The photo may have been taken in the 2nd inning of the game on an attempted sacrifice by Didi Gregorious. Unfortunately for Carlos Ruiz and the Phillies Gregorious did better than a sacrifice as he reached first on the bunt and was credited with a single. Ruiz only had one assist in the game and it was later in that 2nd inning as part of a 5-2-5-1 rundown which put out a runner from third base (who happened to be Gregorious). Judging from the angle of the shot and Ruiz’s posture, I am guessing this is not during the run down.

Those are the two possibilities I see in the Play by Play. Outside of the recorded PxP a third possibility is that Ruiz is fielding a ball that was ruled foul. 

According to Getty the Photo was shot by Jim McIsaac, a busy sports photographer who appears to specialize in Hockey and be an avid bobblehead collector.

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