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1972 Ticketron Phillies Don Money

Brewers @ Phillies Weekend continues and so does Don Money Weekend.

A few weeks ago I got a great package of cards from the Phillies Room. In addition to some terrific ToppsNow cards that Jim sent over he also included a bunch of oddball Phillies.

1972 Ticketron Phillies Don Money

I had never seen these cards before, and was really happy to add a oddball Don Money card to the collection. When I first received the card I knew that I might put together some sort of 1976 ASG column for Money and wanted to have a fun card to present the infielder with the Phillies. The Ticketron card fits those specifications perfectly.

Don Money had a cup of coffee with the Phillies in 1968 and then came up permanently the following season. He started out his Major League career as a Shortstop moving to 3rd Base to make room for Larry Bowa, which would precipitate Money's move to Milwaukee to make room for Mike Schmidt.

During his tenure with the Phillies Money found himself on the NL defensive leaderboards. His two top-10 dWAR years were highlighted by his 1972 campaign in which he led Third Baseman in Fielding Pct, Double Plays and Putouts. His total Zone Runs (whatever that is) was also tops at 3B in 1972.

Money was decent with the bat as well and led the Phillies in WAR among position players (1970, 1972).  However, his +1.9 WAR for the Phillies dreadful 1972 squad is barely noteworthy. That is the team that was led by Cy Young Winner Steve Carlton (+12.5 WAR, 27 Wins for a 59 win team)  

1972 Ticketron
This set consisted of 10 roughly postcard size cards. They were an schedule/advertising vehicle for the Phillies Ticket seller Ticketron. Other Notables on the checker include the aforementioned Carlton and Bowa as well as Greg Luzinski, Willie Montanez and Tim McCarver.

1972 Ticketron Phillies Don Money (b-side)

In addition to touting the benefits of Ticketron along with their contact info the backs contained the Phillies schedule including promotions. This card must have been issued after the season started as it only contains dates from June forward. Not many nutty promos - looks like they were big on Batting Helmet's for the 4th of July weekend and that they were still referring to Alumni festivities as the Old-Timers Game. 

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