Wednesday, June 8, 2016

TRENDY: Jameson Taillon

The Pirates have called up 2010 #2 Overall Pick Jameson Taillon and he is expected to get his first Major League Start tonight with the reigning NL Champion New York Mets. 

2013 Heritage Minors #127 Jameson Taillon

Fun card here from the minor league version of the 1964T homage. I know it says Curve for the team name but my guess is Taillon is going to be another one of these young pitchers that throw 100 mph.

Jameson Taillon put up great numbers in AAA so far this year. Key numbers include 2.04 ERA with 61 Ks in 61+ innings against only 6 walks! His batting average against is an impressive .196 with a similar WHIP of 0.81.

Regardless the rookie is facing the Mets, Go Bucos!

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