Monday, March 8, 2010

Swag from the Final Tribe Cards Giveaway!

I could post these for a couple of weeks, but I will try and keep this down to two or three posts:

David asked for some extra clubs that we may want and I picked the O's and Twins. He came through with a lot of each. Today I am going to feature the Phils:

2006 Fleer Decade Greats #DEC-SC Steve Carlton

This card will get its own post eventually - for now just wanted to post it and note that I enjoy the concept of producing a retro card dedicated to a decade of a players career. If this photo looks familiar, it is because you have seen the same picture on a 2008 UD Heroes card of Carlton.

2001 UD Hall of Fame National Pastime #68 Mike Schmidt

Ther other Hall of Famer from the Phils 1980 Championship Squad. This card looks a little better than the scan. The chrome sort of gets lost in the darker colors here.

And there were tons of other cards:

It took me most of the weekend to sort through the lot. I was impressed with how many of the cards filled some pretty specific needs in a variety of venues: Phils Topps Collection, Player Collections, Inserts, Bowman Draft Set, Phungo Games, and Singles from Sets that I had not seen.

Thanks for putting this together Dave, I am sure it was a truly Herculean effort and I am glad that you were good enough to put in the time to sort the cards and send out the great packages.

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--David said...

You are very welcome! Glad you found some you can use!!

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