Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can anybody explain this to me?

While Clevenland is still in town to face the Phils, I wanted to put together one more Indians related post.

2010 National Chicle Trips Speaker w/ original artwork - thetoppsvault auction

This auction for the above card/artwork from thetoppsvault just concluded for $83.75.

The pricepoint of the auction is not really my concern here, but my question is what the heck is with Tris Speaker in a Phillies uniform. He never played for the the Phils - he is primarily known as playing with the Indians or Red Sox , but did finish his career with the Philadlephia A's.

Has anyone seen this card in the "original' form as a Phillies player - I think I have only seen the Indians version. I could almost see Chicle putting out an Athletics version of the card, as Speaker likely was never issued a A's card way back in 1928.

I know folks have had various issues with the Topps Baseball-Chicle cards. Just add this one to the Sloppy Topps list.


Anonymous said...

Tops decided that Chicle needed to include older players in modern uniforms. So they too the fact the Speaker played with the Philadelphia A's and updated it to the Phillies.

I pulled a Cy Young in an Indians uni because of this.

As with the whole of Chicle, some cards work, and some don't. The Cy Young didn't work. The Speaker doesn't look that bad to me.

Jim said...

I could be wrong, but I don't think the Tris Speaker Phillies card actually made it into the Chicle set.

Just a mess of a painting though . . .

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