Monday, June 21, 2010

Dick Allen Hall of Fame Custom Cards

I have just discovered the website Dick Allen Hall of Fame. They have recently put together a nice retrospective of Dick Allen's Topps cards and created updated versions for all the years of his active career.

1964 Topps Dick Allen Custom by Dick Allen Hall of Fame

This is a great card, as I have always sort of had an aversion to the shared rookie cards that many player have gotten. If you want to see the original 1964 Allen Topps card Click here.

Dick Allen Hall of Fame has created customs for most years through 1977. The cards are well done and fun to check out and some of them have corrected some....laziness....on Topps part.

My favorites include:

1970 and 1972 in which Topps resorted to airbrushing the same photo.
1976 which has Phungo Favorite Garry Maddox in the shot.
1977 which is basically a Card that Never Was as Topps never produced a card dedicated to Allen's short time with the Oakland Athletics.

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John said...

From 1964 to 1974, Dick Allen was the best player in Baseball. No one can top his stats.

Jim said...

Very cool custom cards. I especially enjoyed the '75 and '76 Phillies cards.

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