Saturday, July 24, 2010

Team Phungo is Going to the Show

Card Show that is.

The Philadelphia S&B Show is at the Concord Mall this weekend which is about a 30-35 minutes from Team Phugno Headquarters. I am not really sure what I am in the market for right now, but I hear there is going to be sweltering heat on Saturday afternoon. It's not like I really needed an excuse, but yes I think I will be spending the day in a nice climate controlled mall perusing dime boxes.

If you are in the Philadelphia Wilmington area, I can recommend the Concorde Mall show. there are typically 15-20 tables. There is usually one guy that has cheap Phillies commons. One vendor is good for nice vintage stuff if you are willing to pay VG vintage book prices. Another vendor has a ton of dollar vintage commons dating back to '52. One guy rotates his stock, so it may be Premium Autos one week, and dime boxes the next. There are also a few folks selling memorabilia, Jerseys, and plaques. If nothing else there is always a stand that has supplies such as sheets, penny sleeves and top loaders at reasonable prices.

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