Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cliff Lee back with the Phils??? and 2010 Pull N Junk Playoffs: Junk - 4th Quarter

Well Mr Lee is our featured Junk player for October 2010 and now there are reports that the Phils have reacquired Cliff Lee via Free Agency.  Awaiting info on how all this is happening.  Phils will either have to bump up payroll or move a big salary.  And the Phils said ti would be a quiet off-season.... 

Now onto the final Quarter Final for 2010 Junk.

The Junk of The Months for October and November are relatively recent, but I will repost them. I No Junk of the month for December yet, I will attach that to 2011, I think.

 2010 Topps Chrome #40 Cliff Lee

 Is Cliff Lee featured on more 2010 Cards with the Mariners then he actually pitched for them??


2008 Topps #500 Chipper Jones 

I just think a player of Jones' stature should get a better photo then this one.  This looks like something I would take with 4 year old Canon from the back of the lower level at Citizen's Bank Ballpark.  Cmon Topps if your going to give a guy a hero number - honor him like one.

For more info on these two cards click here.

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maine mariner said...

Holy schmidt. I can't believe it.

capewood said...

The Cliff Lee story appears to be true. He took $30 million less than the Yankees were offering to go to the Phils.

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a thousand words
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