Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who is Lazier: Beckett or Sports Illustrated?

You may have noticed that Beckett has recently posted images of "Custom" Derek Jeter Baseball Cards representing every MLB Team.

1962 Faux Topps Derek Jeter (Phillies)

If you check the posting every single card is modeled after 1962 Topps. 

How lazy is that - If a Card Blogger would cover the topic they would at least try a couple of designs just for kicks.   

There is also the old conflict of interest issue always popping up w/  Beckett Pimping the upcoming Topps Heritage release.  
Out of curiosity who is lazier Beckett for doing this or for covering the story instead of checking into some real baseball card blogs - how bout recognizing the many blogs doing card by card analysis of individual sets (65 Topps, 73 Topps, 1975 Topps, 76 Topps) or How about giving some love to great recurring features like  The Card Back Countdown or the always amusing  Craigslist Idiot.   


Sooz said...

Seriously ... He created 30 baseball cards and you're going to call him lazy because he didn't use different sets.

It was a blog for fun. Why can't you just enjoy it for it intended?

night owl said...

I don't think the idea was particularly creative, but whatever ... in the mind of the beholder and all that.

I think the reason the main media jumped on it is because it's the "hot topic." That's all the media is these days, find out whatever is "hot" and beat it to death.

That's one of the reasons why there are blogs -- they're for people who aren't into the superficial "now" moment all the time.

dayf said...

I like the '62 ('11 Heritage) design, but what the heck's up with that photochop? Look at the size of that boy's head! It's got it's own weather system!

deal said...

Sooz you're correct - Lazy is a bit harsh - Going to the effort to make 30 cards is work - I hadn't thought about the effort involved in placing Jeter's Mug onto 30 different uniforms - I just thought it would have been more fun to see different cards - and Mr Olds came up w/ the idea and none of the rest of the card blog world did - so He should also be given credit there.

although (picking a nit here) I would have picked a different team then the Pirates to feature the number swap - how bout one of the teams that has #2 Retired (Cardinals)

I remain concerned regarding the issue of Beckett plugging the upcoming Heritage release - Which I admit I am really looking forward to - but I am not in the position a magazine like Beckett is.

AdamE said...

Topps is even lazier than both of them because they havn't updated their checklist page since Series 1 came out.

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