Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 Phungo Cards - Harry Kalas

The card #1 honor in this years Phungo set once again goes to Harry Kalas.  
I believe this is at least the 5th time Kalas has appeared or made an impression on a Phungo card.  He was part of the oriiginal 2009 set then in 2010 Card #1 was dedicated to Kalas in a Memorium card.  That same year we produced a Mike Schmidt card that was the home to the Harry Kalas shrine following the broadcasters death.  The 2011 Raul Ibanez card also contained an homage to Kalas as the Harry Kalas memorial banner at Citizen's Bank Ballpark looms in the background.
 2012 Phungo #1 Harry Kalas
It is hard to make out but there is a black and white photo of Kalas in the background of the photo above - it is above the right shoulder of the Kalas statue.  I like the look - it appears as if Kalas the statue is thinking about Kalas the Man.  It isn't as clear as I would like on the card, and I may experiment with retaking a photo at a similar angle in an attempt to get a better shot in the future. 
Phillies fans will miss Harry Kalas for at least a generation, perhaps forever with the amount of audio and video we have at our dispoal.  It is nice that the Fans and the Phillies have worked together to memorialize Kalas, and it adds a bit of enjoyment to my life persnally to be able to create a card dedicated to the teams beloved broadcaster.

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